3 positives


Woke up feeling well rested.

Went to the gym and walked for 23 minutes and then lifted weights.

Came home took a cold shower and cleaned up, put on some nice clothes, was smelling good.

Went to work.

Drank 2 liters of water.

Ate some good food.


I got to drive my car and buy great stuff.
I bought groceries all by myself and decided it to be my shout this fortnight and got my bf things he likes hoping to make him happy but he was just grumpy and angry because he was playing computer games and I disturbed him to tell him I got food for us and my shout.
We usually pay half each but he has quiet a few expenses this fortnight so I thought that would help him out plus he is a smoker.
Hope he is happy about it now and he snuggled with me and kissed me which was precious as it was a while…

Had a face treatment waiting to see results.
Hopefully all good

I am trying a gluten free diet (not super strict )and bought gluten free bread.
I tasted some great gluten free breads.

Been watching Hell’s Kitchen and Seinfeld.

Been having memories of Anders and that was some of the best momuof my life.he took me for bikerides or outings etc
We laughed together.
I don’t think I’m clear about it.
I am so regretful I was a bad girlfriend and friend and I should of stayed with him n not had other men that I was not compatible with anyway.its just destructive forces separated us and tried steering us and I thought things and had voices back then.
I had never been loved like that and taken care of like that before.
My sacred neigh is some of the best moments of my life too.
I have a great boyfriend but we do not have the same humour .in two years we only laughed together once.but I do love him.
I have a car and loved ones n great food,loving peaceful home.
Also my female friend I miss we also laughed together.

I miss laughing with someone.
I usually laugh by myself.
I have a normal humour and I also have a dark humour sometimes.
I do not laugh a lot but thankfully I do laugh more than I used to I went years with out laughter.


That I got great kisses and cuddles and jiggy last night.

Have great food and drink

I love :two_hearts: love love

  1. My son came over for a visit and to do some studying on class one truckers learners permit. He also had a big piece of cake.
  2. My friend bought supper for me. My gums are feeling quite a bit better so I’m eating a burger.
  3. I’m feeling quite certain that I will get the chili done this evening. I really hope so.

  1. Made 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Had good conversation about finances.
  3. Got a massage at physical therapy.

  1. I showered and brushed my teeth.
  2. I had a great night of teaching.
  3. I ate a tasty dinner, and I’ll be going to bed very soon.


Got discharged from hospital
Saw my dog
Sleeping tonight in a real bed


Good to see you around.

How have you been ?

One positive for me is my partner/boyfriend seems to have opened up to me more and let me in.
It feels like he made love and previously avoided contact eye contact and held me at a distance more.
He is a great partner and a beautiful man inside and out and I am very blessed to have him.

I did grocery shopping in a big shop by myself and it went really well and I drove independently.

I love :two_hearts: my loved ones and increase of medication helped me to not take drastic bad actions.
I feel like I have invisible cuffs in but decided I will try to be :sunglasses:.not with it but …
And I went to yoga last night.
No one was attacking me saying I’m not welcome…


I made time to come to my colleague’s goodbye party.
Despite feeling depressed, i worked till late and had a few good conversations at work.
I sent my son a postcard at my parents house, which i know is something he loves.

  1. Found a cool thread
  2. My health is improving
  3. God is good


How are you @naturallycured ? Long time

  1. My chili turned out good
  2. My sister came over to cut my hair and tidy up
  3. Tonight is a hockey game. Go jets go!:ice_hockey:


I got my med set filled
I took a much needed nap
I worked on my study guide for the final exam.

  • i met my ips worker at a library discussing an interview i’m going for (support practitioner) its in my area and i am really hoping i get it, just a bit worried about anxiety.
  • I went for take away
  • i met with friends in the pub where the staff were puting up xmas decor lol.


I went to the gym.
One Sheila that had been away for some time was there.
She has quiet a charisma and I think she is attractive but she is curvy n pretty big.
Our instructor is great n it’s nice to see all the people at the gym.
I only say hi .dont talk much.
I am heterosexual and have my man .:two_hearts:

I was greeted with love when I got home.
Two of the dogs did not get out of bed to greet me but the baby was so happy to see me that she came to the door to greet me with a waggle tail.
I brushed My sacred neigh and made food bags for her but did not stay long.i miss her something seems to make me not stay long.she was covered in mud.filthy.

I plan on making gluten free muffins.

  1. I slept until 2 pm and it felt great.
  2. I had the day off from work.
  3. I’m jamming some good tunes on my little stereo.


Hi @Zilija1 it’s good to hear from you. You’re one of the good writers on this forum that I missed reading. I remember some details that you shared about your partner and family and I’m glad those areas of your life are doing well right now.

I am dealing with the shock I experienced leading up to and during my hospitalization so just coping as best I can right now. Tomorrow I’m going to apply for disability.

Not to @Zilija1 but to everyone, Really frustrated with my mother’s core lack of discipline in life and the effect it has on me as far as how much help I need getting on my feet.


Woke up feeling well rested.

Today is my day off.

Lifted a little bit of weights.


  1. I know now not to overuse the full spectrum bulb for real, i mean I kinda knew, but now i really know for real for real.
  2. I kinda got a little sleep in between inconsiderate assholes coming to my house and calling me
  3. I havn’t killed anyone


I took a nap
Had pizza rolls
Fixed a malware on my daughter’s phone