3 positives



  1. Got a bit done in spite of the pain

  2. Watching a movie with the kids “The Night Before”

  3. Heading out in a few minutes to get food from A&W ( my daughter’s choice). I’m kind of sad I can’t have onion rings but I’m getting a root beer float

  1. Finally got my car’s oil changed.
  2. Had a good night of teaching, including one of my students giving me a Thanksgiving card; I thought that was sweet of her.
  3. I’m making tasty chili mac; the chili is simmering on the stove right now. Once the tomatoes are soft I’ll probably just boil the spaghetti and toss it together. It doesn’t really need to simmer for hours.


Why can’t you have onion rings?


Not soft. Too Chewy. I have to stay away from crispy and chewy for awhile yet


I’m looking forward to xmas! Who can give me some good incentives to get my tree up, artificial of course!

  1. The roaster worked great with the turkey.
  2. The food I cooked was all tasty
  3. I got through the cooking with ease this year.


I spent time with a female friend

I got my wetsuit and tried it on and it only just fits lol

I volunteered for a mental health carers group

  1. Today i was sick. Which isnt positive, but i listened to my body and stayed home from work and slept a lot, and now i feel better.
  2. I cleaned my kitchen a bit. Not all, just a bit.
  3. I am thankful my son is being cared for by my parents.

  1. Voices are even better today than yesterday
  2. A supposedly “hot” MacBook Air that I was servicing actually wasn’t, after I found the owner’s contact info and verified that they just sold it in a locked state
  3. Laptop was easily fixed and made salable

  1. I got a $1 extra large coffee at McD’s
  2. I got the dishes done well most anyway
  3. It is just after 8pm and I’m thinking it would be okay to go to bed

  • I slept the whole morning. Now, my stomach is still upset, but im loads better than before.
  • Because of my job i had money to but a winter coat and be nice and warm again.
  • I called a friend.

  • washed my car and filled it up (sale was supposedly cancelled) but my tank was full anyway lol
  • took my mum out shopping and did some shopping myself
  • attended action group and was given £10 for my fundraiser

  1. Went for a coffee and drive with my mental health worker.
  2. My son stayed home from school so I get to hang out with him.
  3. Figured out a simple quick supper for the kids (mostly leftovers) so I can watch hockey.


It’s too early to say for today, but yesterday:

  1. I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house.
  2. My brother-in-law told me he would fix my car (just needs new rear brakes) for just the cost of parts plus a little money for his trouble, rather than the $340 the shop was going to charge me.
  3. I had a decent night at work.


Today i took my gf out to Loch Lomond,

i cooked a very nice rib eye steak :slight_smile: yummy

had a drink with a friend and wrote my profile for my dog walking business and replied to a dog walking job listing.

  1. Got to sleep in
  2. Watched an amazing hockey game. Jets 8-3 over the Blues. Laine with 5 goals
  3. Hanging out with my kids

  • Did a sort of simple “quest” with my son that shops in our city center set out. Was fun.
  • Thanks to @Loke i discovered hobo dinners and now find it easy to cook, instead of skipping dinner or getting takeaway. And it is cheap and healthy too.
  • We are baking apple pie, will be done in a sec.

  • I got to hang out with my sister this weekend
  • Had a great Thanksgiving dinner with no drama
  • Keeping healthy by exercising and going on bike rides

  • i went to Church this morning
  • i took my mum over to my sisters place
  • i visited a friend and played with her daughter