3 positives


New girl? 666999666


Nah the same old friend

  1. Got a new coat today.
  2. Free yummy soup lunch.
  3. Came here to see you guys have replied to my little old positive thread over 400 times. Makes me feel joy!


Spent the day with my son.
Ate pancakes with him - his idea.
Went to a lunch with people from church.


thank god there was a ready meal in
folded some towels
a quite good episode of Dr Who

  1. Walked on the beach.
  2. Went to the local market.
  3. Had a home cooked meal.


Got up at 6am and was on the treadmill for 45minutes and burnt 300 calories n visited my sacred neigh.

My man made me a coffee and I cuddled the dogs.

My man brought the laundry in from the clothes line so it’s ready for me to fold and put away .

I ordered a loaf of delicious bread that I love :two_hearts:.


Cooked healthy dinner, made salmon in the oven.
Called a friend and made a dinner appointment for another day.
Organised some stuff that I needed to do.

  1. Had a good time teaching.
  2. My students seemed to have a good time, as well.
  3. I’m in a really good mood.

  1. Voices got a few notches quieter (yay for Piracetam)
  2. Got two faulty MacBooks in the mail
  3. Fixed one of them, going to sell it. Second one might be hot though! There’s a phone number on it but no one is responding to it.


Delusional thoughts and anxiety today, but didnt fully enter psychosis and shared thoughts with family.


Had breakfast with son, Brother and sister in law.


Went to the gym

(That hopefully balances out my badness of binge eating bread and Lucia bun and biscuits).

We had some rain that I think is good rain for us.

I am planning to have injectables because like crystal on this forum who had it done inspired me to do so because I also look angry most of the time and I want to improve myself inside and out.
Sick of people asking whsts wrong cause of my almost constant frown perhaps.
Next week.
Thankfully I do not have any paranoia or delusions about it.

  1. I made sure in my grocery order today there was some food I can eat that tastes pretty good.

  2. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday and for birthdays in this house you get to pick a homemade meal the day before and a restaurant on the birthday. My daughter wanted spaghetti today. She is not deciding on tomorrow yet
    I’ll make her a cake.

  3. Watching Merlin with the kiddos.


I found the word for something that had been on my mind for years - civilian
I’m reading a good book
I was going to criticize someone about something relatively trivial and talked myself into holding my tongue.

  1. i’ve been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend
  2. i’ve been more productive with my art (which is how i make money)
  3. i’ve gotten closer to my sister

hope this isnt too late : )

  1. I had the day off.
  2. I didn’t have to go anywhere.
  3. I put together a good PowerPoint presentation for my interview.


I went to my clubhouse and did some article writing, drinks serving and drying dishes.

I went swimming and improved my rythmn and breathing and they had a spare pair of goggles they gave me which made it easier.

I did a couple of screener tests which pays $10 a time and another didnt work so i reported it, hoping to get $30 for about 40mins :slight_smile:


Slept good in my new space last night.
In a good mood.
Going to a noon AA meeting.

  1. RT 15/28.
  2. Mr.Skims and I made homemade pesto.
  3. Had a day full of activities.


Today is my day off so I woke up late feeling well rested.

Went to the gym and walked for 23mins and sprinted the last few yards.

Came home took a cold shower and put on some nice clothes and smelled good.

Went to Barnes and Noble and read 50 pages in a book.

Came home ate some salad.

Relaxed and watching a movie.