3 positives


Woke up not feeling good and lethargic because of insomnia but managed to get out of bed.

Went to the gym and walked for 20minutes and then lifted a little weights.

Came home took a freezing shower, put on some nice clothes, and made sure I was smelling good.

Made some coffee for myself and getting ready for work.


I would like everyday to have a day like yours @Schizophrenic :slight_smile:


Thanks!!! @kuckuckuc I try to keep moving and keep myself busy.

  1. I ate a good dinner with lots of vegetables

  2. I got stuff to make homemade pizza for my family tomorrow

  3. I got to relax today because I got all my homework done yesterday


I got a cheque for 100$ish dollars in the mail
I purchased a Kindle fire and amazon prime membership for a pretty sweet deal
I made potato salad

  1. Picked up my groceries and we now have lots of food.
  2. I got a new phone number
  3. The groceries are put away and now I’m having a coffee

  1. I got Sims 3, which I prefer to Sims 4.
  2. I took a shower and put on my favorite blue shirt.
  3. II haven’t had sciatica down my left leg since I had epidural injections about ten days ago.


-Had an easy day at work.
-Met a sweet guy I have been texting with.
-Feeling relaxed.

  1. I am off to yoga despite that I e been a bad girl today stuffing myself with pretzels,pizza,Swedish lollies …

  2. I watched Salongen and practised my Swedish language by doing so.i think the judge Chris is one of the most beautiful woman I’ve seen but she is a bit chubby but that can look good too n she carries herself well .i have not seen her without makeup though and the girls are very dolled up.
    Another woman there I think issooo beautiful in her mannerism n nature.i am heterosexual though.:slightly_smiling_face:

  3. I have a great partner and we did great grocery shopping yesterday etc so we have nice food to eat.:metal:t5::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

  1. My sister came over to help me today and i am very grateful for love and kindness
  2. Got ahold of people I needed to to give them my new phone number
  3. Supper turned out well and other than finishing up the laundry I have time to just hang out with the kidlets


I realised that yoga is too much for me. This is good news since I am acknowledging not to over do it.

I had this really nice organic russet apple

I helped my brother with his coursework. Well I just did a spell check.

  1. Had a nice dream about being married to someone cute
  2. Woke up well-rested and mostly pain-free
  3. Got my MacBook upgrade SSD in the mail, worked no problem

  1. I had the day off and didn’t have to go anywhere.
  2. My sister agreed to help me out with some money again, though I hate asking for that.
  3. I tried a new recipe, and it was delicious. :yum:

  1. I managed to do two classes at the gym despite that I was ready to just walk out the door in the middle of our exercise.i thought everyone was having a nasty attitude to me that they all think they are superior expecting me to take orders of them etc .that they were trying to make me leave and drive home but I did not .i stuck it out.
    I do not agree.
    My bf friends and family are like this as well and I am alone amount them and I disagree.i told my bf before I moved here that I am not Christian and I do not believe in obeying my man ,parents etc.

  2. I made chia pudding out of coconut milk,dates and chia seeds.

  3. I told my sacred neigh I love her and put her new rug on.the rug was a gift from my grandma and she called my neigh her ladyship .i did not stay for long and I miss her but I got to see her and tell her I love her and make food bags up for her.


Payed my phone bill.
Payed my electric bill.
Did my laundry.

  1. My cousin just gave birth to a new baby boy, Owen! :heart:
  2. Voted
  3. Had some seasoned curly fries from Jack n the Box

  1. I got pizza today
  2. my cat leaned on me and it was cute
  3. I was getting distracted listening to music before my brother came in.

Favourite thread
  1. Had great sex
  2. Ate a bomb dinner
  3. Made good money

  • typed up an article for the clubhouse editorial, typed up action group minutes, typed up house meeting minutes.
  • did loads of social media stuff
  • walked about 7000 steps


Watching salongen and marielle has such a härlig stuk i think but I do not know I think the show is good for me to watch and I get to hear Swedish which is good for me so I keep the language alive in me.i do not want to forget it like I did German.

I took a antanex for my jaw clenching but am still cleaning so ready to have another one now.

My gym instructor is one of the most important people in my life.
Not as a friend but as a professional who shows us what movements to do that are good for our bodies.
This can be a good thing but if she is bad to me I might have to stop the gym or change gym which I can not afford.tight now.i paid membership n am a paying member.
I have spirit friends I miss and also wonder about the brown eyed one etc