3 positives


today i

  • went to a friends after coffee
  • took my mum out
  • went bowling with friends

  1. Did 5 hours of ecommerce training, first time I’ve been able to focus for that long in over a year due to my head pressure being comfortably low (had to stop after some sugary biscuits caused my head pressure to flare up again)

  2. Renewed the subscription on my dormant Shopify store (it’s a general store)

  3. Feeling good about the future


Made potato salad with chives from the garden.

Bought pellets and filled car up

Endured coffee n cake with people.
Aaaaa people

Had a chat with locals at a craft shop the other day n I don’t always chat easy :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

Bought a local hand made birthday gift .
Expensive but worth it if it’s loved.:two_hearts:

Just keeping cool inside.
42 c in shade.

  1. I only had a short bout of paranoia last week. It went away.
  2. My kids are healthy and loved
  3. I feel better about myself


For yesterday:

  1. I had a very productive day.
  2. I didn’t eat too much.
  3. I texted with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while.


hey guys, its great people are still using this thread, i wish more people would though, i think we should all encourage each other and congatulate each other for our accomplishments,

I know not everyone can find 3 positives thing but even if it is 3 within a week or even just try and do 1 positive thing, it will make people feel good for you knowing you have accomplished even the smallest thing, we all know how hard it is with this illness, we have all been there so we can all try and build each other up.

I am lucky enough to be able to do more things at the moment but that was not always the case, i wish everybody who reads this positive vibes and i’ll pray for your increased wellbeing.

so here is my day… i had a very exhausting day but it was good all he same, i am able to deal with stress much better (still taking meds) and its all good.

  • I took my mum out shopping
  • Then i took a couple of friends to a mental health support group and we got talking to some cool people and i cracked a few jokes to lighten the mood :slight_smile:
  • tonight my friends and i got take away chicken chow mein, very tasty.

tomorrow i will be taking my friend to the advice centre to help her claim disability benefits.

please post anything positive you have done here, its good to share our accomplishments.


Had a nice group session
Told a friend I’m not feeling well, and he was very understanding
Spent most of the day watching netflix in bed


Today I:

Was given a nice little lamp

Got my medicines

My husband bought me a vanilla cappicino

  1. More long talks with husband.
  2. Had a scan. Everything looks good.
  3. Made BREAD :bread: again. This time oatmeal loaf.
    Busy day tomorrow.

  • A compliment from someone at work today. A client told me the talk with me is always a highlight in his week. Im insecure, so i could use that. :grinning:
  • I made an appointment with a friend to meet for beers tomorrow. We had laughs at the telephone.
  • Im still frightened about it, but im back to my old lower dose of meds. It gives me hope to come of maintanence meds one day.


I got my laptop sorted
I got my phone sorted
I have looked for a room… Even if I didn’t find one I made the effort to go to viewing
I ate alright ish today could do better but could have been worse so its good enough for today

  • Spent the day with my friend. Had fun.
  • Friend said he found i have changed positively a lot last 2 years. That i am more stable and express my feelings more easily.
  • Had healthy dinner.


hard day today

met with a woman about befriending opportunity only to be told i cant do it bc i use mental health services myself (i am like a service user)

went to my clubhouse had lunch and looked at other opportunities (thinking about just giving up searching now) maybe just be grateful for what i’ve got and be happy with that.

after that i saw my psychiatrist and he was impressed and said i should keep taking meds and that they would only review them after years of stability. so i was like ‘ok’ (i’m not that bothered but i’d rather not be on anything if i had a choice) but it would only be possible if i was cured.

after this i went to my cuz’s place and helped out a bit (he wanted me to help him move furniture bc he had a new carpet fitted but his friend was there and i felt like a spare part lol, had a cuppa and then home.

was out again tonight for a takeaway and met a friend and we did a little shopping,

now i am totally jiggered lol


I ate good
I slept good
I went to the park event hough my gloves were fingerless n it was freezing

  1. Tilted the front of my bed up on bricks to increase blood flow to my head, may help with CSF leak issues

  2. Set up a VR headset that lets me browse while lying down, so I can spend hours in bed like this

  3. Had a nice lunch with fam

  • I had a good talk with a colleague.
  • Im trying out new ways to regulate my thoughts and emotions. Ideas are welcome.
  • Im searching for a new house and responded to some nice ones.

  1. I slept well, aside from about an hour intermission this afternoon.
  2. I have the night off from work (downside: snow storm coming).
  3. I received my gas station pay this morning.


I went for a fifteen minute bike ride .
Something is something.
Gym chicks said I’m not welcome but I’m ok with that.
That’s with them really…

I picked tomatoes.

I packed some of my bags (they are stored away though)because I think I’m moving out in a few months because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life here.
I plan on leaving a peaceful loving home and a man I love :two_hearts: .
Hope I will not go depressed hopeless etc but I’m waiting til my mum comes from overseas to help me.
I have not told my boyfriend yet.
Will not tell him for a few months I think.
Scared he will not want to be friends with me and that he might go angry and cruel .

  • I spent the afternoon playing boardgames with my son. I love how we can do fun things together and have nice chats now he is older. He is nice company, I love him as my kid of course, but I also genuinely like his personality that starts to take shape. He is kind and broadly interested.
  • I feel content and happy. Scary thoughts are very much in the background.
  • Yesterday evening I had a birthday party of a kid of my friends. I was the only Dutch between all Arab people. It was fun, scary (in the sense that I felt insecure because I didn’t know the cultural “rules” and the language) and interesting.


I made delicious cocoa
I am rereading one of my favorite stories
Mr. Star doesn’t work tomorrow