3 positives #4

I thought I’d start this round again

I’ll go first

#1: Accepted offer of employment
#2: Created a financial saving plan
#3: Went for a nice walk


What kind of job?

#1: Just relaxed today watching TV and browsing the web.
#2: Having burgers for dinner.
#3: Remembered how parsers work after not working on them for a while.


Commercial Service Associate at HSBC


there is already a thread like this

  1. Could go out again today. Yay.
  2. Cleaned the living room.
  3. Went out for tea and a snack with kiddo.
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#1 fixed my Pre built personal computer from overheating
#2 :smiley:
#3 i need to fix my computer

  1. Have coped well with the workload so far this year.
  2. Haven’t felt depressed in a long while.
  3. My weight is stationary despite not keeping a diet.
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