3 Positives #4

I did not like today, but.

  1. Kiddo was there for a short while.
  2. My emotions are not like a rollercoaster anymore. Just stably down.
  3. Some people from church are really trying to help, which is very kind.

I did a bit of exercise for the first time in my living room today.

I’ve been studying Spanish consistently, 10 minutes a day almost everyday.

I’m almost 100% recovered from last months surgery.



My dog got his hair cut.

I slept well.


Got a jog and some weights in so exercise done for today.

Received little brothers birthday present in the mail so it’s here at least even though his birthday isn’t till thursday.

Had a chat to a friend and going to start organising a catch up for next week with the lads. Might have to go up the coast this next get together.

  1. My fitbit says I averaged over 7 hrs of sleep each night this month which is better than 6h 20m i averaged in 2022.

  2. I tidyed up my room last night and it looks much better. I have small bag of items to donate too.

  3. I found a handy daily checklist app for my phone. I was surprised at the number of routine tasks i need to do each morning.

  1. No rollercoasters today. No depression.
  2. Will visit friend today.
  3. My help was here. We had a good chat and laugh. She’s a nice person.

Volunteer worked a hour.

Did half a hour of spinning.

My brother gave me a vegan chocolate he bought for me.


  1. I beat the high score on basketball hoops at the mall arcade today

  2. The sun is shining and it is warmer

  3. I started drinking more coconut water which seems like a good source of potassium for me


Nice day with kid.
People prayed with me for healing certain trauma’s. I cried my eyes out. And I felt a lot better afterwards.
I got the loveliest of postcards from my former help. She quit. And wrote me a very kind letter.



Walked my fur baby.:two_hearts:

Slept well last night.

  • I asked for someone or something good to come on my path today. Something to give me hope. I found a beautiful and inspiring book. And met someone I haven’t met for a long time. He is seen by everyone as strange. But he always gives me such hopeful messages. I like him. Maybe I’m weird to believe in this. But it helps me.
  • My boss at the volunteering job, had a burn out. But she was back today. She will restart. Is doing a lot better now.
  • I found a nice presentation about perfectionism, and how to cope with that. It gave a few useful insights. Also insights that helped me be more forgiving to my mum.

I have my last appointment with my psychiatrist before he switches me to Abilify, I’m on invega injection now. Yes yes yes baby yes oh yes. Lol

The sun is coming out. I think it’s spring now, this is looking good

I think I’ll buy a pair of shorts later. Maybe at market mall


I discovered Rupi Kaur today. Never read anything of hers. She gives words to my feelings. Reading “Home body”. People bringing me beautiful words make me happy. :slight_smile:

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Have falafel for dinner.

Slept well last night.


Had a really nice veggie wrap at a local restaurant. It had avocado and was really fresh.

Won a free game of pinball and got to put my initials in. It is nice to see that my pinball skills are still improving.

Bought groceries for the week and got a lot of healthy things. Also have everything i need to make iced coffee at home again.

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