3 Positives #3

Its just my country is very mixed with Republicans, Separatists and Others and these factions were mentioned briefly and it’s very contentious.

I was hoping it may gather some interest but at the same time we may actually lose some listeners :frowning: bbc radio 4 does a show on monarchy i think

Another point of View can never hurt, as long as it’s not insulting. I know what you mean though, a lot of people get very touchy about their politics. For myself, I couldn’t care less. They’re all full of ******* in my opinion

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Cleaned a part of my boyfriends messy kitchen.
It was a disaster zone but because it wasn’t my mess it wasn’t overwhelming for me so I could quickly deal with it.
I also took his recycling rubbish out that’s been sitting there for months and took up a quarter of the kitchen and the floor was layered with filth.

I paid my boyfriends debt bill not all but a lot.
That was a nice thing to do.

I had chip roll this is a bad thing aswell because it’s unhealthy junk food but it was yummy.


Had a difficult day

  • I took my mum to the car showroom and we looked at some cars with the Guide dog.
  • Had a Macd’s, big mac, fries and vanilla milkshake (turned my stomach a bit :frowning: )
  • Had a Pint of beer with a couple of pals
  • woke early and got some groceries off my mum
  • went to the shop for some tobacco
  • spoke to a pal on the phone
  • had a f***ing meltdown but bounced back fairly well tonight.

  • did a new bass line and rough mix on a new tune

  • petted my cat… always helps. Oh, and a moth landed on my hand. That was pretty cool to watch


Slept well last night n woke up late (9.30).

Got jiggle with n sexy.

Watched shadow hunter and I’m really enjoying it.

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Glad you had a good day. What do you mean by that? Is that like dancing?


I’m healthy physically
I’m have resources for food shelter etc
I have loved ones


Ha ha ha not quiet.

I had sex with my boyfriend.

Slang for having sex is getting jiggie with it.

We are in lockdown but he has depression and gets suicidal so it’s important we check up on each other.

A good cuddle helps him have happy moments.


I slept beautifully without sleeping tablets.:metal:t5::partying_face:

I paid the vet $100 and had enough money to do so.:partying_face:

I have been approved by my future cleaner that she agreed to clean for me once every six weeks.
I can’t afford it more often and it’s expensive but I need help as I feel overwhelmed by cleaning :broom:.
Now I have to change my budget.
I had organised my budget for this year but now I have to reorganise.
I will spend less on Christmas presents :gift:.

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Had dr appointment and got prescription for sleeping tablet.

Got a appointment with dietitian.
Have put on six kg last couple months.

Got a phone call.


Slept well last night without a sleeping tablet.

Walked my brothers dogs.

Bought wrap, hummus and spinach and carrot to make a wrap for lunch or two wraps.
Healthy and delicious.

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slept without sleeping tablet.ok only five hours but something is something.

im having thai food for dinner.yeay!
been craving it.

got to give a loved one a beautiful doll before she dies and i hope she will love it and she is now the owner of it.

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  • got a good Jam in on the guitar this morning

  • my housekeeper was here for her monthly visit. Place looks much better

  • did my exercises, and went for a nice walk


Slept well last night with out sleeping :zzz: tablet.

Got jiggie with it.

Have nice dinner to enjoy.

Slept well last night with out sleeping :zzz: tablet and got to talk on the phone with my loved one.

Managed to walk my brothers dog.

Got a new hoodie and singlet.
Love them!

Walked my brothers dog.

Had a healthy wrap for lunch and have yummy dinner.

Got to talk with my loved :two_hearts:one on the phone and appreciate her my closest is my sacred neigh.


Got to see my sacred neigh.
Was very quick visit but got to tell her I love her and see her eat a few minutes.:two_hearts:

Got to hear my nephew laugh.

Paid bills and groceries and only got scammed $2.could have been more but I learnt a lesson to only give to people I know and trust and organisations that are well known .the scammer didn’t appreciate the dollar is a lot and it’s more than nothing and if everyone gave $2 it would be a lot.didnt appreciate it valud it.i learnt from it since I didn’t know him or his organisation.

  1. Just found out that a dear, dear friend is cancer free. What a relief!!

  2. Had a good day playing guitar yesterday. Some days are good, some days are more of a struggle. Hit a sweet spot

  3. Going out with a friend for wings tomorrow. Should be good