3 Positives #3

@mrhappy I know what you mean. Sometimes when I write a song, it seems to have just passed through me. I just happened to be the one holding the pen


Had an appointment with the shrink.

I went to the vet to treat my cat’s irritations.

Went to the post office to post a packet :slight_smile:


Keep it up guys, keep thee positives coming :slight_smile:

todays positives are

  • Volunteered at cafe/pantry
  • I had a nice cappuccino with a friend
  • I dug a pond and filled it with water, weeded the gravel a bit on the drying area.

Right on, a very productive day

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the hardest part was digging the hole for the pond lol but for some reason i got more stressed out at the cafe even though it was very quiet,

I also asked my neighbour if she wanted me to be her bf lol

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Were you serious when you asked your neighbour? Just being nosey

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yeah bc we have been exchanging texts and chatting here and there, we have been very familiar with each other lately and i have been thinking about her a lot, she has a very nice personality and we get on but she is a bit older than me.

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Wow, nice to hear. Hopefully she’s open to the idea, that would be awesome

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she said she is just finding it hard atm but said it wasn’t a ‘no’ said when she feel better bc she has Chronic fatigue but said just to stay friends atm and see where it goes, i am a bit worried about her age though but i dont want that to be a barrier

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Hey, at least the door is still open. Hope it works out for the both of you

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3 positives

  • I attended Church and enjoyed it and spoke to the pastor about volunteering for the Kids fun day
  • Went to my mums and cut her hedge
  • Went out for a drink with my pal
  • did my exercises
  • sat on the front porch to meditate after taking a walk
  • dug up an old song and started working on it

… and the day continues…

  1. I called the Crematorium and they said Piper was at the Rainbow Bridge, Idk if anyone has heard of this before. I paid to receive her ashes and She will be cremated during the weekend.

  2. I Did a zoom Interview for a sound production course and got an offer of a placement

  3. I Attended a Family Fun day but i pulled a hamstring.

  4. I sat out in the Garden and went on a zoom then sent a couple of important emails.

  5. Uploaded a couple of radio shows to mixcloud

  6. had pizza


Busy day. Nice. Congratulations on the placement offer

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  • Attended Church
  • Visited my Mums
  • Had a coffee

Feeling in the dumps today, but I still got my exercises done, went for a walk and made plans to have lunch with my sister on Tuesday


Walked my brothers dogs a little.
Something is something.
One of them refused to walk far so it was a short walk but happened.

My Aldi coffee machine made me a beautiful coffee.:two_hearts:

I showered and washed my hair.


Man idk what i’ll be doing today :frowning: i don’t like it when i have nothing to do

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  • I woke up… a clear indication I’m not dead :wink:

  • having a great cup of coffee

  • the guys are coming over in a couple of hours to jam

After that we’ll see…


Today turned out pretty hard

  • I went for coffee & met some friends
  • Did some weeding in my garden
  • Took my mum out clothes shopping

it was a pretty hard day,

I just tried to mess around with ableton lite (i’m such a newb) lol