3 Positives #3

Hey @Cragger you write great music, maybe you’d be interested in this - I just downloaded an app for Android called smartChord and it is staggeringly inclusive in everything a person could possibly need in playing guitar. This scares me because what it does is just so much. Without going on and on, it’s free so you might want to check it out - every form of every chord, every position and pattern of every scale, it’s just crazy. Thought you might want to have a look.

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Check out Conrad Schnitzler

Finally got some pain meds

Started PT

Diagnosed and repaired one of my guitars’ bridges

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Hey man, thanks @iconoclast_01 !! I downloaded the app and I’m just playing around with it now. It looks like I’ve got a new toy :+1:

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  1. Went over to my buddies place to mix some songs. I think we made good Headway
  2. Made plans with my sister to go out for lunch next week
  3. My cat has gone totally schizo, so it’s fun laughing at her. Haha

PT again today. Got outside, did some steps, walked a bit, did some extensions. Useful.

Got best prices for strings for 3 of my guitars, 2 6strings and a 7string.

Made transport arrangements for post op doc appointment.


got jiggie with it and it was hot and sexy and boyfriend is a great lover.

watched a good film on netflix.

ate heaps of delicious food.


I haven’t had sex for years :slight_smile: you lucky

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ha ha ha yeah well i had a horrible sex life when i was younger but it got better with age.

i was molested then i was raped by more men than i can remember.
sometimes screaming and fighting to get away i “learned” to just lay there til he was over with.
i was also a sl ut or easy when i was drunk but didnt enjoy it.

i started getting raped when i was 13.

i had great sex when i was around 23 with my then boyfriend as we had chemistry but didnt enjoy it much til recently.

my boyfriend now is a great lover and i appreciate that i enjoy sex with him and that i am still able to enjoy sex.

when i am single i am asexual and have no interest in sex or masturbating but my boyfriend can make me enjoy it.

i can live without it but happy things got better for me in my older age.

i do not know how much longer i will be sexually active.
i am soon 44.

my boyfriend i think is 51.

maybe you will have sex again if you want to.

when there is mutual respect …

good wishes for you and your future sex life. :slight_smile:

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Did we just go waaaay off topic?

slept without sleeping tablets.

bought vitamin b12 from my local chemist.expensive but will last me a few months now.its good stuff.

got a phone call from my loved one.she has been acting more hostile and like a stranger last few months and i dont know why but i think her daughter and son and their partner and some politicians got her to side with them against me.
positive is i got a phone call so she hasnt stopped calling me .
her phone calls mean the world to me or did before she started acting wierd.

  1. Had a great walk
  2. My therapist came to my place
  3. Talked to my Sweetie
  • Went to my clubhouse and attended a work & learning meeting
  • went to a speed dating night and met some nice people
  • had a good sleep
  • I took my neighbour out about 30 miles away and back
  • I slept off the exhaustion when i came home 2hrs
  • I looked up synths on youtube and planned for the future of my mancave
  • This morning i had a long lie in bed
  • I went to my clubhouse and stayed for curry & Kareoke, sang American pie by Don Maclain (short version)
  • I watched a load of youtube about Berhinger pro 1 and x touch devices

Walked for 30 minutes.
Done cleaning


I have a nice warm apartment.

I found a treatment for my cats diarrhea.

I have tomorrow off.


I passed anatomy test 3

I did some cleaning today

My sister is definitely coming for Christmas
. She confirmed today
.I’m so happy


Went over to a friend’s place and did some mixing on some old songs

Play some guitar, more than usual. Fingers are a little sore

Ordered a finger strengthener for guitarists. Looks interesting


had a nice coffee from my k-fee aldi coffee machine.

slept well with the help of a sleeping tablet.

got a phone call from my loved one.she has been acting distant and wierd lately but atleast she still calls me.
meant the world to me her phone calls but now she is acting differently and i dont know why.

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