3 Positives #3

moved from one couch to another.
moved from this couch back to that one.
mission accomplished?


It was a beautiful day, sitting outside for a good part of it. Sun shining, birds singing all that good s***

Pretty much finished writing a new song, just have to come up with lyrics for the bridge. I’m fairly happy with it so far

It feels like I’ve shed a lot of emotional baggage. It was a rocky go, but it seems to have helped

And that’s my fantastically mundane story for the day


I am really very inspired by you and your band, your songs are solid, i’d love to be doing stuff like that, amazing really :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, I’m glad I can lend a bit of inspiration to someone.

You’ve actually got me thinking again about contacting the Trent University radio show. They play a lot of indy stuff, and I was wondering if they would be interested in me and my buddy Bob doing an acoustic set with them. I’ve just been letting my guitar chops slide lately so I would have a reason to get back in shape

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if you’d like to do an interview for my radio show i’d be up for that as well, I’ve interviewed about 7 bands so far lol :slight_smile: i can play some of your bands favourite songs you’ve produced and maybe some of your influences

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Wow man, thanks. I’ll have to talk to the other guys about it, but I don’t see why not. The only b**** with us is trying to get everybody in the same room at the same time. Everybody works such weird hours, it’s hard for us to line up on the same page

I’m pretty sure I could get three of us together, Sully the bass player and co-writer, and Bobby our main guitarist. F*** he’s brilliant. Anyway, we get together on Tuesdays or Wednesdays each week. That’s when the three of us seem to be free


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Watched some anime (Bleach)

Managed to get through the day despite every wire being misrouted

Made some truss rod adjustments to one of my guitars - I should know tomorrow if there’s enough relief


Got invited to the honors society… I was shooketh

Reconnected with family i had not seen in awhile… giving benefit of the doubt

My oldest sister might come for Christmas… super excited


got a lovely message from a lovely person on the forum which made me happy.

had a blood test to check my thyroid etc since i put on weight despite being so healthy.

bought a hand made bag from salvos for $3 and it will be a christmas present next year 2022.
i have already started buying xmas gifts for next year.
just like i did last year.


Finally got my brother set up with a Lifeline phone so he gets free talk, text, and data

Finally had a day to relax (mostly)

It looks like the truss rod adjustment on my guitar is just about right


Got my shot this morning.
Had good food and enjoyed the smoking patio at the study site.
Get to go home tomorrow and be back with my GF and kitty.


Happiness is a well set up guitar @iconoclast_01. :sunglasses:

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  1. Got an excellent night sleep… Finally
  2. Getting over the flu, that was hell
  3. Going to have my buddy over to do some recording, possibly an interview for a radio show
  1. Got out to the Reserve for gas n cigs
  2. Got my groceries n laundry done
  3. Made tacos for dinner. Friggin A :slight_smile:
  • I went out for coffee with my neighbour and watched a bird swim and play around in the river,
  • I did some shopping and got some meals and supplies then i went out for coffee with another pal
  • bonus was i did some housework that needed done for a long time, i’m so glad i did it, washing dishes, mopping, hoovering & i put out a pile of carboard boxes that has been hanging around for far too long.

i had a shower.

i made a smoothie for lunch.

i had some nice coffee and i love my fur babies.

i have been feeling off lately and my eyes feel wierd etc but 3 positives is great.

  • had a good long chat with a good friend
  • made split pea soup with onions, peppers and tons of big chunks of smoked ham
  • played some acoustic
  • I did some college online class 9am-12
  • went out for coffee with my neighbour
  • spoke to a friend on the phone and then went out for a snack at night
  1. Had another great chat with a friend
  2. Bought a membership at the local YMCA to work out this winter
  3. Finally got some old demo tapes that we did back when we were eighteen years old. I can’t wait to listen to some of this s***!!!


  • I was at college today and finished 2 assignments
  • looks like i am nearly finished my ableton tutorial but i need to fine tune it.
  • I had a BK on the way home yummy