3 Positives #3

Three things…Ok, one, I woke up flatlined tending towards positivity.
Two: Had a can of heretofore unknown Caramel Coffee 180mg caffeine beverage, totally delicious and a nice low-level buzz as well
Third and best: decided, instead of my LP, to play my Yamaha bass instead - all effects in play, plus my regular amp is an Acoustic B-20 bass amp anyway, really a revelation, after X months of no playing, made me feel quite unlike any structures that could dissemble under combat stress


I went for a walk early this morning.

I crocheted a square for my blanket.

I got a quick digital painting done.

  1. Today was payday
  2. Client just called, got work over the weekend, more money!
  3. Had a restful relaxing day

went to my clubhouse and attended a wellbeing meeting

bought some shopping,

Messed around with ableton a bit

watched a music festival on tv


college today, full day 7am-440pm, very tiring

just one thing but it was a biggie


Right on. That’s a full day, nice job


Thanks Dcragg, Its 9am -4pm with breaks but i need to prepare for it, take a LFT and drive 30m there & back.


got a phone call from my loved one.

went for a is spring time here but the pool is heated so was really is nice that they let me swim in their pool sometimes.

slept well without sleeping tablets.


I got some positive feedback from beta readers on part of one of my novels. One person was really impressed with my writing. :memo:

My fasting blood sugar numbers have been good these past two weeks.

My new CD player is working well (yeah, I still have some old CDs I like to play). :smile:


i got to see my sacred neigh . :heart:
it was a short visit but lovely.i love her so much . she is retired now.

got a phone call from my loved always happy to get a phone call from her.

i slept without sleeping tablet last night. :partying_face:


walked my brothers dog.

posted some things i hope will make beings happy.

had fun shopping cruelty free.groceries etc done.


My store had melon spears on sale. I bought a package and had a few when I got home. They’re very good!

I made another crochet square. I’m up to seven now. :slight_smile:

I’m grateful this forum exists. But sometimes I have the urge to break this new addiction, because it took take a lot of my time.


Got some grocery shopping done

Forgot my wallet at the grocery store, and some kind stranger turned it in for me

I have a therapy appointment in about 20 minutes. Hoping something good for it


I had college today which was fun but i was a bit upset bc this emo girl hit me with her ring :frowning: she just seems to be on the course just to fk around and it was very distracting, i think others reported her but i just handed her ring to the teacher and said i found it on the floor.

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What, she threw the ring at you? That’s bizarre

  1. I bought a product from some company that went out of business and the FTC contacted me at told me I am entitled to a $44 refund that will be coming via PayPal within the next 24 hours.

  2. Today was payslip day, I got holiday pay on top of my regular pay

  3. I got my job almost 6 months ago, and after slowly saving up I now have enough money to buy the computer chair I’ve wanted for a long time, but I am going to wait another pay period because if I bought it now it would bring my bank account down to almost zero.


That’s a snazzy looking chair! Looks comfortable too. :sunglasses:


yeah, she was throwing wet wipes across the class and she hit me with her ring, i was sat closer to her, she is just a bit immature but its annoying and it upset me.

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Yeah, it has great reviews. My current computer chair is awful. The arm rest is broken in half and it irritates my arm if I rest my arm on it. The seat cushion is flattened out, it’s like sitting on a peace of wood. I have a pillow but it’s not all that great. I’ve never been able to afford a really nice chair like that but once I got a job I decided I was going to slowly save up and buy it. The time is coming shortly. Yay! :+1:


That’s definitely weird LOL. Sit as far away from her as you can next time

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