3 Positives #2

I went to group therapy.

I went to the pharmacy and got my sister a birthday card.

I put $117 into savings and paid my credit card $200.

I ordered groceries.

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  • I volunteered at the cafe
  • i picked up a missed delivery from the drop point
  • I planted some things in my garden

idk what to do for dinner though

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  1. Was talking to my drummer Buddy, and my best friend today. Always good for a chat

  2. Finally got my plants in the ground. It looks like mild nights for the next week, so it will give time to toughen up

  3. Chocolate milk in the fridge… Need I say more

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what did you plant? i planted sugar snap peas, carrots and a bunch of herbs, i have my potatoes growing and my nasturtium has sprouted.

I’m embarrassed to say, it was just four pot plants. Welcome to Canada, eh

I used to love gardening, I had a whole Zen Garden in the backyard complete with goldfish in a pond and an outdoor fireplace… Then beside the house, I had a garden where I grew tomatoes, carrots, basil, cucumbers… oh, and jalapeno peppers… Love them!!

But, my back is too screwed up now. Unfortunately I don’t do much gardening these days

What is nasturtium?

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  1. It’s Friyay! Had a quick day at work. Gonna enjoy the weekend.

  2. Gonna probably order some food tonight

  3. Hockey game tonight!


i went to pt and feel pretty good
there’s rainbows in my house right now
the ac is making the windchime go


edible flowering plant,

My 3 positives for today are

  • I volunteered at the cafe/pantry (spoke to an MSP)
  • attended a radio planning meeting
  • I Interviewed a Mental Health Film Maker who is involved with WHO (my highest profile Interview to date) and it went really well.
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That’s very interesting. Is this as part of your job, or personal interests?

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It is part of my volunteer work on my radio shows i am involved with and also a personal interest,

My clubhouse did a Q&A about a film he made about a number of residents leaving an asylum after many years filmed in Croatia in 2013 and it was very good,

Tomislav was busy on the day of the Q&A but we still had a good chat about the film in his absence, i then asked if the organisers if they could send him some questions I’d wrote and he answered them which i added to the monthly clubhouse magazine article i was working on.

I then mentioned about the radio show and he said he would love to do it and it was a really good interview, 45mins which i will use for two shows i am part of :slight_smile:

it is my highest profile guest on the show so far, the WHO have recently released legislation on the rights based approach and we chat about that, it was very interesting :slight_smile:

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Excellent, very interesting. I would love to see the article.

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The articles in the monthly newsletter are only available for members i’m afraid, (its a confidentiality thing) we have members sharing stories with us about good things in their lives like pets, photography, stuff from different groups,

There is a lot of variety, the format has changed recently to make it look a lot more professional and it looks more like a magazine now. its all edited on canva.

I can share his video he made on frontline stories here

Here is also the link to the latest legislation from the WHO on a rights based approach.

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Thanks, that’s awesome!

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  1. It’s such a perfect day here. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for sitting outside

  2. Went for a nice walk

  3. Played some guitar and worked on two songs

  4. Bonus round. Hot Italian sausages on the barbecue, with sweet spicy mustard. Gotta like it

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  • I took some video footage of my fellow radio DJ down by the River Clyde
  • Met up with a friend on the way back
  • Started reading a new book called ‘the book of hope’
  • Edited some of the video footage i have gathered.

4 positives lol

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Today was not so good,

  • I played Viking chess but i was not in the mood so i just watched the others play
  • i went to my clubhouse and covered reception but i was feeling really low,
  • Night time was a bit better and i edited my radio show and sent it off
  • Did clothes shopping and spent £350 (the trousers were more expensive but very good quality so should last a very long time)
  • Went to the park and attended a planning meeting for doors open day (i suggested we make it look like the 10oclock news bulletin) ‘thinking big’ :slight_smile:
  • I read some of the book i got called ‘book of hope’ then read more when i went to my local coffee shop sitting outside.
  • I weeded my patio and brushed it & made spag & meatballs

It seems like a lot but it isn’t really, the haardest part was weeding the patio and i’m pretty tired now.