3 Positives #2

I think my former manager and I are friends.
She feels like she is my dear friend and I love her and we might hang out outside of volunteering.:two_hearts:

I bought some groceries.

I had a quick dip in our local pool.

  1. got to sleep in till 9
  2. I’m loving this tea I ordered
  3. I should hear from my husband soon
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Visited my sacred neigh.:two_hearts:

Managed to do pump :metal:t5:.

Was given vegan protein balls.:two_hearts:

I was in church and felt so happy about being there again.
Im a little bit less depressed.
I went to town to organise a few things i had to do.

Cleaned a lot in my house. It was extremely messy, so im proud. I didnt oversee it, which is always a blocking thing, but i started. It is a lot better than this morning already.

Reaching out to others socially, slowly crawling out of my hermit state. Or at least making attempts.

Did some fun things with my kid.


I’m not happy about my day today.
It’s been a pretty bad day today.
But this is three positives…

Walked the dogs.


My car was scratched up badly and I can’t afford to fix it but atleast my car still works.

  1. cleaned dishes and it actually wasn’t too bad
  2. chatted with some friends
  3. I’m alive!
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Went to Chiropractor

Bought orthopedic sandels, birkenstock, to wear around the house

Spent time with my teen kiddo

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Made something with help from ladies I love.

Bought some bread.

Bought vegan nachos.

Managed to do pump though it wasn’t easy.


Watched Netflix.

Sold a bike for a really bargain price :sweat_smile:

Went swimming

Went for a bus ride

“All” my issues magicly disappeared:

I had a throat ache, was scared of corona, but im fine again.

I felt all hyper, sleepless and agitated because of an antidepressant herb i used. I quit it, feel loads better, slept tonight and dont even feel badly depressed again yet.

Im in the good part of my monthly cycle.

I got my subsidy and have money again for the basics today.