3 Positives #2

Volunteer worked.

Didn’t binge eat.

Bought a couple of second hand clothes that fit.


Ate healthily.

Stayed calm and composed when faced with something difficult.

Coped by exercising instead of doing something self-destructive.

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Hi @antidepressant044 :slight_smile:

Yesterday I felt pretty bad but i managed to get a macd’s and went to the park even though it was raining

Later i went out with a pal for a drink and i shared some food with him but my mouth was sore this morning bc of it.

Oh yeah, i posted on the forum since being away for a while,

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Hey, good to see you!

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doesn’t feel like 7 weeks

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Walked my brothers dogs.

Had a laser hair removal session.

Didn’t manage to do pump but bought some groceries.

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I volunteered, met with 2 pals for a drink and chatted to a friend online

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  • Got a few visors for a friend
  • Attended Clubhouse
  • Visited my Sister

Volunteered at shop
got pizza then phoned breathing space then worked on form
had a beer with a friend

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My Cowculator says I saved 435 lives.

My dog and horse are alive and well.:two_hearts:

A girl at the ranch was nice to me.:open_mouth:

My dog and horse are alive and well.

My x boyfriend is letting me be his friend and fan.
He doesn’t want me back but atleast I get to be his friend and fan.
Love him so much.he is my favourite man.

I managed to do pump and my former stepmother who is one of my closest called me this morning n I appreciate that.


I volunteer worked.i enjoyed it today.

I bought a second hand skirt for only $3.

My dog and horse are old but still kicking it (still alive).:partying_face:

  1. I have awesome kids
  2. My pets have been especially cuddly the last few days
  3. I am alive

I’m not gonna binge

I’m nottt gonna binge


I have a loving family and friends.

I am praying more.

I am succeeding in my dream job.

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Had a delicious salad roll and coconut water.

Did grocery shopping.

Walked my brothers dogs.

Watched YouTube videos.

Gave my sacred neigh some bread.

I regret leaving my x in sa something horrid but I’m trying to not live in regret but embrace the present.
I miss him so much and girls and home but I’m trying to live my new life here and welcome other great relationships.

  1. Nothing.
  2. Nothing.
  3. Nothing.

My life is worthless.

MAnaged to do pump.

Gave a apple juice to a elderly couple I know as a gift.

Listened to guided meditation.

Surely you can think of soooooomething positive?

Such as did you have nice food to eat?

Did you have a shower?

Did you sleep :zzz:?

Did you drink something nice today?

These are some things that can be seen as positives.

Such as I ate a nice muffin and it tasted good and I enjoyed eating it.