3 Personalities on a Boat and I draw paralllels to the FISH

I tried to build an image in life by admitting a negative once in a while. But people in my life sieze/pounce by timestamping these attempts at credibility by never following up, they add meaning this way, and it can feel like those yellow barrels they attach to the shark in the Spielberg movie.

I know I’m basic/garden variety in my heart, but maybe my niche I am in, maybe it’s been deliberate, maybe I’ve been “corralled” into fighting/standing up more and being an outlier.

I’m trying to understand “Man” more, and I think it’s a responsible thought process to have since I currently have a growing family, and I’m talented at this medium, and am ok right now. I feel like I’m in a sweet spot sometimes. (Like the executives who have the manic without the depressive.)

I still have thoughts sometimes about being forced to “eat the hemlock”, or not “putting the conch down in time.” But I’m lucky overall I believe. I have perspective thanks to the stories found here.

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