3 hour walks and lifestlye transformation

ive lost 16 pounds in weight since july from a strict diet and 3 hour walks every morning,so many benefits from exercising and changing one’s lifestyle.

I gave up alcohol since july too it was effecting the liver, since july I get blood test every 6 weeks to check the liver function and the liver is improving and healing back each blood test result I get.


That’s great, Peter :slight_smile:

I’ve been kinda lazy lately, yesterday went out twice. But the week before that was raining and I didn’t feel like catching a cold :sleepy: Today I’ll go for my usual walk again, temperature will be 30ºC today… weird weather here in Lisbon. Two days ago was cold and raining, now it will be sunny and hot.

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Do people from Lisbon find it a neverending point of entertainment to call each other lesbians, or are they just tired of that joke? Because from where I’m standing it’s like winning the golden ticket.

Funny, never thought of that. It’s not a usual joke, no. Maybe up north they joke about it, there’s a lot of rivalry.

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thanks Minnii…

by stopping alcohol I am fully motivated each morning to exercise…next plan is to buy a weight lifting bench to tone and strengthen all mussles .


I’m scared to have my liver checked. I’ve done some heavy drinking in previous years. I’d get drunk about four times a week, and I was taking Geodon, Seroquel, Buproprion, and Naproxen. It’s been almost a year since I last drank, though. I hope my liver has improved.

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walking really helps …I walk 30 mins daily in the morning or evening …running or jogging may have even more benefits…when it’s raining we can use the treadmill at home or in the gym.

That’s great news pedro, well done!