3 hallucinations in the same day

  1. Hallucinated a fast car coming towards me, as if I am its target. That happened in my left eye.
  2. Then I went to the local doctor for prescription, and as I was waiting I saw the view from a passing train, as if I was its passenger. Really crazy. Sights of mountains and green plants passing quickly.
  3. I saw everything in yellow by my left eye, and then with both eyes I saw them all blue.

This is natural trip, no need for LSD etc.

Were you frightened?

Yes, by the car. Very much. It had high speed.
And simultaneously I felt something sharp in my right hemisphere of brain

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Strange these hallucination aren’t what your usual themes are right?

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I usually see animals and people. But nothing lasting more than 3 seconds.
When I told my psychiatrist that I saw the car, he asked how long did it last.
I guess the duration has importance.
Just imagine someone seeing a hallucination for half an hour or an hour or days. It would be a real trouble.

yea come to think of it hallucinations only last a few minutes at a time.

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Without meds, probably my hallucinations would last longer.

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