3.5 kg coffee in my storage

Should last until Christmas. I have now my coffee time and I am having some coffee. Do you store coffee?


Last time I ordered 7 kg of coffee. I think I still have 5 kg.


My dad and stepmom buy instant coffee for me at T.J. Maxx because it’s the cheapest there. They store it in the cupboard.

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I bought 1.5 kg coffee today and so I have 5 kg coffee in my storage.

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I may buy a couple of 500g coffee packs more in this week, because coffee is on sale. Then I would have many kgs in my storage and should last until the year 2023. Actually I am drinking coffee now.

I bought 1kg coffee more and so I have now 6 kg coffee in my storage. This coffee should last until the end of Feb 2023.

I stopped drinking coffee but I certainly see how it helps one’s alertness at least in the short term idk about long term.

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I have been watching some inflation YouTube videos and in one video a man in Argentine is buying coffee to counter rising prices. I buy my coffee when it is on sale, currently there is a sale: 500g coffee pack for 3.95 euros, which is quite a good price considering how much coffee prices have risen within one year.

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That’s very lucky about the price. Good stuff

Here where I live food is very expensive

Food prices have risen here too. It is the global phenomena, the rising prices. Higher energy prices cause higher transportation prices and this increases the grocery prices. I do not know when it all ends and prices stop rising.

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Yea I know what you mean. The world seems strange these days. I keep reading this and that in the news.

Thankyou for sharing about how prices increase. It is a big mess this price stuff.

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