2nd time this year I’ve had heart issues


Actually technically third time it happened at least 1 other time but it was mild & went away on its own and I figured it was because I took a (tiny) dose of medication w ephedrine which is what we think gave me the first heart episode.

But this time I have taken no cold or flu medication. I have a fever & started to feel a painful pressure in my chest. It kept hurting and hurting bad and I checked my heart rate finally w Fitbit and it is now 116 at resting. What is happening to me…I know fevers can cause elevated heart rate so I took ibuprofen and it’s lowering and my heart rate is going up not down. Also I never got elevated heart rate w fevers in my life. My chest hurts.


Heart doesn’t hurt anymore but rate is still elevated. I think the ibuprofen took the pain away :confused:


You need to see a gp. I’d be sorting that out as it could be a lot of things. If you get the pains again even emergency is a goer. I wouldn’t take chances with the old ticker!


Pain itself can raise your heart rate.


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