2nd day of the year is foot in the mouth day ....were you can screw you words right up easy

2nd day of the new year is foot in the mouth day,…easy . no so says Dr Zen, there are forces, more powerful then man. what we say to day well affect the week ahead. so keep words short. and good luck. thank you for your time Zen

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Dr zen what are u upto…!!!

going to work in the next town over for a hafe a day. fixing broken water lines. how about you?

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I just came from evening walk…i am watching tv ryte now…i will be cooking food after sometime… take care homie…

@far_cry0 all religion, ideology and morality are being washed away.
Our world is going to the dogs.
I don’t think anyone cares about anything like our health.
I don’t expect to be cured, and I don’t think you should expect it either.

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