290 yards (golf)

back when I played golf, driving off the tee was what I was best at. I could hit it pretty far, anywhere from 230 yards to 290 when I got a hold of one, probably hit 50-60% of fairways off the tee too.

my boss, who I would play with, was about 6ft 220lbs and I would hit it further than him at 5’9 140lbs at the time. I had quite a bit of swing speed, and I torqued my body quite a bit, I got a lot of comments about people being surprised how straight I could hit the ball, considering how much I turned my body during my swing. but alas, I pulled an oblique swinging too hard and have not been able to hit it the same ever since.

I don’t play golf anymore, don’t have the time or money, and it frustrates me to not do well at things, my lowest round for 18 holes was, I shot a 93 once.

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I was pretty much good at every sport I tried, soccer, basketball, baseball, track and field, and football, but I suck at golf. my typical score was like a 110 for a round of 18 holes.

my favorite golfer back then was Bubba Watson, I was fired up when he won the master’s. now my favorite golfer is dustin Johnson, but I still root for bubba. a self taught golfer. so he used to say.

another thing. I was kind of a head case when I played golf. I would always shoot lower when I played by myself. when I went out with a group of people I would get nervous because I was being watched. it added a lot of pressure and I would often chunk the ball down the fairway with my irons.

Well done you. I play a bit of golf and my driving is rubbish. I’m straight with my irons but not much distance. Still. I’ve shot under 100 once which was pretty cool. I’d be happy with 110. I tend to be around 130 if I haven’t played for a while…

I haven’t been out for a while but I might hit a driving range which is a good way to spend some time!

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yeah me and mom went to the driving range last summer. she decided to start playing golf now that she is retired. her friend started to invite her out.

anyways we went out and it wasn’t the same. I was very low energy and couldn’t grip it and rip it like I used to. it may be better now that im exercising again. so I will give it one more try at the driving range before I quit for good.

the frustrating part was a couple years I finally got to the point where I was hitting my irons well. and in the general direction I was aiming.

but when I went to the driving range last summer after some time off I started right back topping the ball everytime. anyways maybe one more try. I thought I might get a golf net and practice my irons by hitting into it. I don’t know it’s hard to even care about golf anymore, probably a mild depression or anhedonia talking.

I used to go to the driving range. I could hit the ball pretty far. There was an exclusive golf course about 10 minutes from my house complete with a driving range. When I was a kid, one day I was walking home from somewhere and I got on the driving range. For privacy there were trees lining the whole distance of the range, shielding the golfers from the adjoining road. I went down the entire length of the range in the trees picking up golf balls where the club didn’t bother picking them up… I was wearing a hat or something because I remember stuffing golf balls in my pockets but they wouldn’t fit very many but I filled up my hat or whatever it was. When you’re a kid it was fun to collect baseballs, or golf balls or tennis balls or even a whiffle ball or two.


Golf is good. I’d say keep it going if you can. It’s a sport that takes you outside yourself! That isn’t a bad thing and it’s good for fitness and sundry.

I’ve found if you put some effort into something you get paid back for sure!

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