25 years has passed, the revolution in the Soviet Union

25 years ago in Moscow the revolution happened and the world changed.

The scorpion’s death was the start of Globalization (aka NWO) : an era of harsh competition, global economic war not very favorable for disabled people like schizophrenics.

In the countries where communism fell people got new rights, as simple as being able to own one’s own automobile. During the Yeltsin era Russia was in chaos, which all changed when Putin came to power. Now in Russia people are able to own their houses and other things, which was not possible during the Soviet Union. Here is Gorbachew’s song.

The SCORPION : astrological sign of USSR

You’re right Donald Duck but Globalization (NWO) holds as much dangers as the Reds

Interesting new info, but sorry I do not have any concentration to read the link. I never knew that the scorpion was the astrological sign of the USSR, learn and live. How do you know all this?

When my father was younger he visited the USSR many times …

I should not write this, because @Minnii may lock this thread, but here it is anyway, since my childhood I have thought that Donald Duck is the US President, I know that Hillary Clinton will become the next US President. It has been long time since 1994 when I started writing my messages to the White House in America. :smile:

Since it’s Donald Duck it’s alright, he would make a good president :slight_smile:

For now we are testing to see if political discussions work, not locking them at the moment.

Back when Russia was the old USSR I was avid that the U.S. build a stronger defense. Now, I can’t help but wonder if we haven’t gone too far in pushing the boundaries of NATO right up to Russia’s doorstep in countries like Georgia and the Ukraine. Russia feels betrayed because of this. Putin is reverting back to the old habit of adventurism characteristic of the old Russia. He says he is trying to convince the U.S. that it is in its own interests to come to the negotiating table with Russia. I think we should comply. We can’t contain Russia. There are too many opportunities for Russian hegemony. We can, however, moderate some of Russia’s more destructive behavior and get them to see that it is in their own interests to curb some of their aggression. That’s what we tried to do when we embargoed them for sending a very capable air defense system to Iran, making Israel very edgy and scaring the Saudis. Saudi Arabia really hurt them when they brought down the price of oil in retaliation. I think we have pushed Russia too hard.

Wise remark. In that sense Donald Trump could be a better president than Hillary Clinton.

Yes he would, but that’s the only good thing about him. It’s tempting to vote for him on that single issue. I voted for Reagan in 1980 solely for his defense policy.

The US President and her spouse …


At that time, the SDI aka Space War had been well sold to the public opinion by spin doctors.

That was such a ridiculous idea. I have no idea why the Russian’s were afraid of it. It could not possibly have worked, and it would have bankrupted the U.S. trying to build it.

The soviet economy was completely rotted. Star war was an expensive by the top solution while the fruit was ripe and ready to fall alone.

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Maybe we could have used it as a bargaining chip in negotiations, if we could keep a straight face while we did it, but it could never have worked.


Some of you may not have understood my Donald Duck and the US President comparison. Basically already in the 1970s when I received Donald Ducks, I thought that Donald Duck was a person who travels in the world and does things in the way the US President is doing. Just thinking positively but I suppose I was a little nuts already in my childhood.

I think that the SALT agreement was one of the most significant steps in our lives …

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