25 White Matter Brain Lesions

I had two MRIs recently and they found 25 white matter lesions. MS can be diagnosed with 1 lesion, avg ms person has 10-15 lesions… and I got 25!

So what’s that mean? Is there a forum for people with a lot of brain lesions?

What do you think?


And btw hello again after so long, glad to see so many people still around :). My experience with the internet is that eventually everyone disappears. But that’s to be expected


I have brain lesions too. I never looked for a forum. I got sick of drs not knowing why and just decided to accept it and forget about it

I mean they are the doctors what are their thoughts on MS and your lesions?


I’m going to see an MS dr on Jan 6 so a while to know more. I just know that I have 3 symptoms: extreme fatigue, mood swings, and sza. I’m he fatigue is the problem I’ve been trying to solve for years and how I ended up requesting an mri.

But brain damage is bad. I just want to know how bad 25 lesions is


Doesn’t is also depends on the size of the lesions?

Yeah I just heard that impact is correlated to the volume of the lesions

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They don’t seem to give you even a clue of how to find out more or what things might be
I guess they will always take their time to give an appointment especially with covid

If your sure it is MS, I highly highly recommend reading a book on dr roy swanks diet. he was ahead of his time and developed a ms diet that prevents the ms from traveling to the brain by omitting saturated fats etc. I personally think diet fads are stupid and overrated especially because I used to be a registered dietitian and now im in MD school. but im saying this because my dad has multiple sclerosis and its kept it in remission for over 30+years. He also did pluropotient stem cell therapies which I have also done for my sz and have found them to be effective too. I recommend both not as a doctor because I am not one yet, but as someone whose indirectly dealth with the impact of ms for most of his life. I wish you all the best

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I’d like to get a test like that one day.

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