24X7 Schizophrenia

This site is designed to provide anyone affected by schizophrenia with helpful resources, information and interactive tools.


@SzAdmin If I’m posting in wrong category please move :smile:


I was sort of wondering if this was a category where care givers(family) AND diagnosed are allowed to put up what has worked for them in dealing with Sz as a whole.
:smiley:… I hope it is. :blue_heart:

Or is it diagnosed personal experiences only? :confused:

I know I’m guilty of posting all over the place and use the titles as more of a dewey decimal sort of guideline. I thank the Admin for the patience.

But it would be great if this was for both caregivers who found what worked, and diagnosed who found what worked.

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I love the Daily Progress Diary! Very cool and motivational.



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Well some sites are different I know crazyboards.org is for the one affected only. They don’t allow for family support type help.