24hr Nurburgring

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this isnt me, but I like to do laps at nurburgring in assetto corsa with my steering wheel sim setup. So fun!!!

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Racing sims look fun, very immersive.

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yeah i picked up an affordable , logitech g27 wheel and 3 pedals with the 6 speed shifter for 125 bucks used. works great. just clamps to a table and your off to the races

assetto corsa is my favorite, ive tried others, some are too sim heavy, others too arcade heavy.

plus you can mod the heck out assetto corsa.

ive downloaded tons of user made tracks and cars.
also changed almost all the sounds of the cars to real life sounds of the cars engine, shifting, transmission everything. Like the since the sound is from the real cars it feels way more realistic.

added a crew chief, so the guy radios you when a car is on your left or right or when to pit, if your tires are running too hot (or just look at the data)

and the force feedback , and physics is very good. You can tell when the tires about to lose grip or when your under or oversteering.

So its super immersive.
This is similar to how I have my setup

even the replays are sick.
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That is very cool and looks a lot of fun.

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its a blast man :blush:

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