2032 will it hit us?

What do you think, will that asteroid hit us or not?

Have they told you darksith? The 2032 asteroid.

What do you think donkey of wonder?

Ok is it a posabitly?

hopefully :stars: :hourglass: :boom: hahaha

if it happens, it happens, no point giving a ■■■■ about it

if i did give a ■■■■ what would the point be, there is nothing you can do about it.

except :skull: hhahaha

one of my voices once said 2013, nothing more nothing less.
there was however indication of a big solar flare in 2013 which led me believe there was
some truth in that voice.
yet nothing happend in 2013 “as like in the end of the world”,

yet im do however feel they disclose alienlife froms this year or next.
and that they are here already.
with the above my only confirmation is some psychics that predict the same, and some events
that led me too believe in such a thing.

Do you mean comet Ison?

Perhaps because you could be prepared if you were one of the survivors?

Without proper precautions one would be royally screwed if they were one of the ones left.

It isn’t a global killer but would dilapitate all civilasation as we know it, meaning if people aren’t prepared there is going to be cannibalism and the like, you could also stock up on essential medicines, or perhaps just have an o.d. ready to go if you wanted.

So, there is cause to give a ■■■■ yes.

They were always here, and they were always not from other planets.

The closest star is about five light years away, it takes five years going a whopping 186,000 miles per second, per second!, to get here from there.

Teleportation? Maybe, a possibility i suppose. But i think that they were always around in another way, they can appear to be different things and have thrown people for a loop over the years, they can even appear human and entirely physical like us so no one would know the difference.

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a lifeform that designed the earth and the universe as an sandbox.
and do coexcist either parallel or physical on this earth.
and appear here like shape shifters you mean?. you could be right.

but than again why?, are we some sort of entertainment?

creation is such an odd thing, if you ponder it

I went and saw 2012 thinking hoping this would really happen. But it never did as well. Wouldn’t it be something if it hit us? :wink:

are you trying to say that people should od? that is fkd up

whats the point of stocking up? are we supposed to dig a hole or a bomb shelter and then live in that?
idk what you are trying to say?

how do you know what is going to happen anyway? its just stirring up a lot of ■■■■

Nah, im not saying people should at all.

Im saying the survivors would want to be prepared thats all, some people would actually want to end it and if they were prepared they could do that, thats all.

Not “should” but “would want to”, so if they get ready they can do that thats all, see, a reason to give a ■■■■.

I don’t think that it will happen though to be honest.

The spirits made it clear there will be a new age with people still here, almost all will die though before that, they will just start over i guess, but the planet will still be liveable for the new age.

If it hits it would dilapitate the climate and environment they said, so i don’t think it will happen.

i would never consider suicide as an option,

it doesnt matter how you word it, it sounds like you think that is an option for some people and i dont think it should be,

if by some chance we were hit by an asteriod or whatever then i would want to have the best time of my life as much as i can before that happened and then if it did happen i would be happy with my life and if i died i died and if i didnt then thank god,

you would think the scientists would know
but watching the news over the years,

i get the impression that they really don’t know which asteroids are really in danger of hitting us or not.
sometimes they say they just saw one really close, didn’t know about it, might hit us,
other times they say nah, it’s out there but something would have to happen for it to hit us.

i stopped listening after “quetzalcoatl” at the 4:1 resonance never fell down on us, like 15 years ago.

if it did happen it would be a wonderful gift.
this planet really needs something,
after what this species has been up to lately.

i have to take certain precautions in life,
like look both ways before crossing the street,
and eat something healthy, and get some sleep,
and if i mess up and die then it’s my fault.

but if an asteroid hits my planet,
that is not my problem,
that is a gift we all get to share in together.


I think I want the whole series of Attack on Titan to air before then…and I want to lose my virginity and squat 500lbs…then asteroids hitting the earth are ok…

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I think something like that would be fun. I would stop all my meds and just run crazy on the streets and enjoy the ride.


i have not heard of the asteriod ,
the game changer for us starts soon, january 14,16, 2015 , super bugs !
take care

Tell us about them would you?

What do they do?

How “lately” are we talkin here? Seems to me they’ve been up to the same things the whole time.

2032 is still a ways off…