2016 Goals

Setting your goals for 2016.


Quit smoking and don’t quit school and not have a relapse.

  1. move to scotland
  2. learn to fly autogyros :airplane:
  3. become leader of the ’ death star '
    take care :alien:

Well I’m ahead on this…

I quit smoking and figured out how to eat healthy… Even got my expenses minimized… Guess I’ve got just under 2 months to figure out what I want to do next year.


The year before last I had the goal of reading the Bible cover to cover in a year. I did do that.
Then this year I wanted to read the Bible i n 90 days. I made it through the Old Testament and started on the new…but kind of fizzled out on that.
This year pending? I’m not sure. This past year I became vegan and have an oil free, salt free, sugar free diet. I’m finally beginning to lose some of the weight I gained from Steroids. I just have to keep from ending up in the hospital for asthma again. So I would say that my goal for this year is to lose 75 pounds. That should be an obtainable goal…more than the weight, i want to eat in a healthy manner. I would also like to begin an exercise program again. My health has kept me from doing that this year. So maybe next year it will be possible.

I also want to continue saving money so that I can pay for a new kitchen floor…I almost have enough …I’m quite excited about it.

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