2015 new year resolutions

For me I haven’t been out in the evening for most of 10 years so I plan to go cinema in evening as a new year resolution


tbh i don’t make them anymore, i don’t see the point in putting pressure o yourself to do things, no offence but i am just going to wing it and see what happens lol

hope you can do it though :thumbsup: that would be cool


I guess to follow my plan to do things.

Trying to fix my mind just leaves me frozen in the headlights.

I’m gong to try those the 85 pounds I put on due to
My meds. Maybe excersise more

Overall goal is to get healthy. Main resolution is to quit smoking cigarettes on Jan 1st.

Lose weight and take care of my physical health first and foremost - everything else is secondary - it’s not really a resolution, resolutions usually don’t last

I have the worst luck with resolutions… I don’t know why.

Maybe they are too unrealistic… too specific.

Maybe my brain doesn’t like having an exact date to make change happen.

I’m just hoping that this coming year is as good as this last year.

Maybe that’s the key… make them generalized… or small… In stead of me saying… I’m going to completely quit coffee… maybe say… I’m going to work on cutting back.

good luck to everyone in all their endeavors this coming year… and congratulations for all the triumphs this past year.


Im going to do voluntary work, probably in a homeless hostel.

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I really need to give up drinking but it is the main activity of everyone I socialise with and I also do it on my own and it does me no good but I enjoy it to my detriment.

I Àctually not really making a resolution, but I know soda has got to come to an end. All my calories come from soda,I figure if I could just cut it out,I can drop the fifty pounds I need to lose.I am not planning it as a resolution, but something that has to hapen gradually. I already bought some crystal light, but I have to invest in a compact fridge first to kèep in my room first. All good things come in time.

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yup yup yup I resolve to never make silly resolutions I cant keep and give myself a hard time about it.

i have quite a few resolutions.

first and foremost to cut down my smoking…i’m not a 60 a day smoker by any means but i’d still like to cut back gradually with a view to stopping.

to lose my last two stone or one and a half whichever makes me feel the most comfortable

to cut my fat intake in half and replace with more fruits and veg

to do two or three computer courses at my local college and look into a coding course either online or at southampton university.

to finally do a few sewing and quilting courses over near my mum’s place. i’ve just bought the sewing machine with my daughter. now i need lessons on what to do with the bloody thing lol. i want to make a pair of trousers and a top to match.

to knit more often even if it’s just a jumper of my design

to save even more money than i saved last year for all these courses and next christmas so my kids have a great time eating out and inviting people to early christmas and boxing day buffet.
this year i cooked for 13 people. hoping to make it 15 next year. can’t afford to invite people for boxing day buffet this year as i miss calculated and didn’t save enough :frowning: this year christmas dinner cost me about £235 including alcohol. next year i want a buffet on boxing day aswell for my kids and their friends. :cake:

to buy a new car as my beautiful honda hrv is getting on a bit and i think i’m liking the honda crv instead lol :car: