2005, the year my depression

ended. From the year 1991 to the year 2005, fourteen years total, I suffered extreme, suicidal depression and ideations with a couple of attempts. I was in and out of inpatient psychiatric hospitals every two weeks like a revolving door all of that time. I was put on a million different AD’s and mood stabilizers and none of them worked. I was at my wits end.

Then, in 2005, I got God. I also finally fell out of love with my ex husband. I had been pining after him for years and years, and this was my main source of extreme grief. In addition, in 2005, my father apologized to me for his incest of me when I was a child. I had been begging for his apology for years. These three events led to the complete and total lifting of my suicidal depression.

I have been completely depression free, and perfectly content and happy ever since the year 2005. And I have every expectation to remain so.


Hugs I’m glad you’re depression has eased up.


Thank God you’re healing from all that. I’m really happy for you that you received an apology. That can be powerful.

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Glad to hear your doing well. Finding God always helps too.

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@Ajax005, yes indeed.

I’m so glad for you @SkinnyMe!

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