20 yr old shot and killed his parents this week

I’m really rather shaken, a couple at my church were shot and killed by their 20 year old son. Funeral was this week.
No news about this has been reported but rumors are the son has Sz.
A real tragedy for everyone.

Here is the story.

xXXXXX, Iowa (AP) — Bail has been set at $1 million for a 20-year-old Davenport man accused of fatally shooting his parents in their home earlier this week.

The bond hearing Thursday was Sean Michael Freese’s first court appearance in the case. The Quad-City Times (http://bit.ly/2dkMxhV ) says Freese is expected back in Scott County District Court on Wednesday for his preliminary hearing.

Freese is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for Wednesday’s shooting deaths of 58-year-old Kevin Freese and 57-year-old Donna Freese.

Sean Freese was arrested Wednesday afternoon. Police say he lived at home with his parents.

Authorities say he planned the killings, but have not discussed a motive.


Bad News…!!!

Horrible. Sorry for everyone involved. I wonder if schizophrenia is actually an issue or if people assume and start rumors?

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My church is a huge mental health advocacy center in the community and sponsor NAMI events as well as have a home onsite that the community mental health center use. It’s not really a rumor and we’re all shocked, sad, concerned.


That 20 year old must be suffering terribly. I’m so sorry :heart:


That is terrible, sorry.

It is an awful story. The parents were very active in the community and hundreds attended the funeral.
It’s hard to see and hear about it .

wow, thats really sad, i wonder what triggered it


Yeah this has happened in my county twice in the last five years. Young men killing their parents. Actually three times if you include sandy hook…one was being abducted by aliens he said the other just wanted inheritance money

I’d like to act like this I wanted to pour paint on my ex mates car cus he said ‘quick lock the doors’ to his friends when they saw me after I opened up to him, I can’t do it now cus I posted it but I fantasize stuff like this all the time

He sounds like a douche! Screw him. Ignorant normie.

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In my opinion if he was planning for it then it might not be schizophrenia. They could be abuse related to the story.