20 years is a long time

Where was I 20 years ago? I lived in one house in Atlanta, I had just driven twice to Miami and back to Atlanta and I waited for the divorce hearing. It was the time of many uncertainties but it all eventually worked out okay. And now after 20 years I am in Eastern Finland living alone as I did 20 years ago in the States. I probably never find a partner for myself and my life, but that is okay too. 20 years ago I wrote a lot on the net and now I am here writing on the forum. My life never really changed.


What’s the main reason for divorce,are you M or F?

There are many reasons for a divorce, I am male and after the divorce hearing everything went quite well, I moved from Atlanta to Miami where I lived over two years and then I moved away from the States to Europe and to Eastern Finland where I have been nearly 18 years now.

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It is OK to live single
Don’t be angry for that

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I was on high school 20 years ago and I was so in love with a boy, but I was invisible to him. And there were a lot of girls who wanted him. Next year he moved to another high school. So that made me feel devastated. I didn’t see him anymore. Five or six months ago I found him on Facebook and I have seen he’s married, works as a waiter and has a son. He lives in Granada.

It is interesting how people’s lives evolve and change during many years. Where will we be in the next 20 years?

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I don’t know. I hope to be ok.

That’s a thing … we do not know what happens in the next 20 years, hopefully we stay alive and hopefully our lives are okay …. one never knows?


Only the future interests me;
Thinking about the past is futile.

20 yrs ago I didn’t have sz…I just had depression…my life then had some promise…but then I got sz in 2002


I was in high school back in 2000. Was a science and astronomy enthusiast. Had had two years of anxiety and the mood swings were starting. It was two years later - a month after I left high school - that my sza breakdown happened.

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Good to see you guys.:slightly_smiling_face:

About 20 years ago I think I was a stripper.
I sucked at it and didn’t like it .
Didn’t make much money off it.

Shortly after I was hospitalised in psychiatric hospital in Sweden where I met lovely thoughtful kind funny Anders who I still today have contact with.

I was skinnier .:slightly_smiling_face:

Abuse. I’m female…

Happy Valentine’s day everybody, there are some times when I would like to find a partner for my life, but I think I am becoming old, well 53 in this year. I have not dated since 1990, in 30 years, but somehow I am used to my current life and I am not really looking for a partner. I am happy to ride my bicycle in my little town as I have done for many years.

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