"20 years from now you are not going to regret the things you've done

You’re going to regret the things you did not do".

Mark Twain


Like throwing myself in front of a moving train? I’ll guess we’ll see if that’s true in 20 years I guess.

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No, you’re going to regret all the places you wanted to go and all the things you wanted to do but didn’t because you were afraid or for whatever reason. Hey, I’m in the same boat.

No it’s ok . I’m just having a bad day. I get what your trying to say. .I’m just being a dick I guess.

I don’t know man , do it if you can do it , don’t if you can’t…regret is a choice brother…

I have many feelings of regret from years gone by but they never cause me to act impulsively in making decisions in the present just because of their being. So unfortunately they just keep adding up. I have really poor decision making capabilities. I am just not decisive enough for to play this game well. I think the only major regret I could ever have is acting the coward in battle.