2 worlds Real one and Fantasy one

My extra ordinary world have me believing that am in a hidden camera show, l can’t shake off that feeling. I also suffer from grandiosa delusion, which make me think everything l do is awesome for my audience. Other symptons to top it off: Parasocial relationships, thought broadcasting.

And my rational world that is the boring normal world, where l am just a crazy guy bouncing in and out of psychoses.

I know now after many years hoping my stars will change, that l will never get a girlfriend. All l am left with is stalking my crushs. I eat up every bread crumbs l can get. I never had a shot in hell to start with.


I am starring in a truman show myself

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Don’t know the name of the show, but I have the conviction that cameras watch me all the time. Even my eyes have cameras (POV).

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…i think it’s actually people with some sort of spiritual x-ray vision…

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What does it mean exactly?

Meaning witchcraft
Dr. Adejuyigbe Busayo

No such thing as witch craft.

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I feel like I’m being watched from time to time also, but I think it always gets better with time, with reason and doubt

Yeah it’s so funny the rational part of you know that it’s untrue. But you can’t shake off the feeling of being watched.

I can with meds.

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