2 weeks notice of termination

Please accept my notice

I am not a positive influence from this point

Have thrown in the towel with all these meds changes

Don’t think I am going to be a good example for supporting others any longer

So there it is

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our community

I will no longer be apart of this, but that does not mean I don’t wish you all well

You’ll all be in my thoughts.


Don’t go man.
I was away for one or two months,
but i came back.
It’s a good place


With all these med changes and not being able to stay positive means that you should stay. The community can keep an eye on you.

Don’t go! I like reading your posts! :wink:


I think you should first try being silenced for a while. If after a couple weeks you feel like you don’t need this community for support, then by all means delete your account. But if you find you need the support you can just come right back. We’d really miss having you around.

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This is disappointing news. I will really miss you if you go. You contribute a lot here and I think you’re a very valued member. I hope you reconsider. :frowning:


I’ve been strict with you in the past, only because you are an intelligent guy that can do so much.

You bring a lot to this community. Insight, support, and camaraderie

Please reconsider.

And you know me, I never ask people to stay. Take that as you will.


I did not have a good experience with the MH team today and had a bit of a downward spiral.


Took the afternoon as a break and slept for a bit, and walked the dog to get some fresh air

Now I have to make up the time with work this evening :confused:

Sometimes I feel like I suck the life blood out of people, and I went into shut down mode earlier

But I would like to stay here, but only if it’s accepted that perhaps things might be getting a bit rocky down the road


I’m sorry you had a bad day, but I’m really happy you’re staying. :partying_face:

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Of course! We all go through hard times. You’re totally welcome here


You don’t have to worry about it. If you get too off the wall, we’ll let you know. But we don’t want you to vanish.


This is a surprise, I see no problem with you. If no one is complaining about you then maybe you’re doing better here than you think. You have personal problems but you’re still a good example of someone with schizophrenia who can work and live independently. I think you’re seeing your presence here as a lot more negative than it really is.


@Joker I’m glad you’re staying. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too, I’m glad that you’ve decided to stay


I’m glad you’re staying too…not a good time to go for you I think…need support dude…that’s why I stay.

I was worried that now I am refusing to change meds, my advice if I support anyone is compromised - as this is a pro-med and recovery space.

Having someone who’s given up changes is not a good vibe I don’t think.

Completely lost it yesterday

Tried the settled approach with the MH team. But we did not agree. It was about the HDAT

Safe to say I have to watch my back now. I am scared of them, as I really hate hospital. Depends on how much they think it’s in my best interests I guess to have this treatment

I am still taking my prescription, but I have had it with the constant changes this year

3 months ago, I asked a simple question of them.

Which is ‘have we reached a conclusion now with med tweaking?’

Got a fumbled answer to that, and things continue to go around in circles, and I put a stop to that yesterday

I said no more changes. I am answering the question that there is no longer any merit in this exercise of constantly trying to treat problems with different combos and doses…

So effectively, I am where I am at.

Maybe (Hopefully) things will chill down on their own, but somehow I need to learn to live with myself now

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