2 Weeks NO VOICES Yeehaw!

2 weeks with no voices!!! Abilify is working like a miracle! How long does this last though?


That’s great! A few more weeks and you’ll get to complain about abilify induced anxiety like me! :smile:

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Are u sure u will get anxiety after abilify…

I dont know i stoped using abilify for motivation, i dont see much difference, it doesnt did me anxiety, i only took 7mg

That’s awesome @Sooner88, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: Which dosage are you on? Hopefully it will continue to work for a long time to come. I’ve had success with Abilify for a while now, and it never caused me anxiety or anything else harmful.

I’m on 15mg. The studies show that going higher than 15 usually doesn’t make any difference so my doctor is keeping me at 15.


Up to a couple of months in my case. Sadly not voice free on Rexulti like I was on Geodon.


I took 15 mg for quite a while when I was on the oral tablets, did well with it, until the generic came out and my dr couldn’t get me free samples anymore. Now I’m on an aripiprazole injection called Aristada, which works pretty well, but I swear I did better on the tablets.