2 weeks institution 30mg Abilify

Here again after a long fight of denial. Having been hospitalized and luckily not getting assault on an officer charges. 2 weeks of a rather nice facility I guess or at least the people were extremely nice. The decision was 30 mg of abilify and moving into the hyperdermic form. Just wondering if anyone else experieces anxiety/restlessness. Feels like I want to jump out of my skin but cant focus entirely on what I am trying to do to occupy my time. Opinions would be nice and hello again everyone.

Some people experience these on Abilify.

I was initially put on clonazepam for this.

I came off it and now I use these 2 supplements to keep it under control.



But I’m only on 15mg abilify.

Also I’d advise you to stop drinking coffee if you’re on abilify. It makes anxiety 10 times worse.

Don’t suffer in silence, let your doctors know about this side effect.

What’s hyperdermic form?

I take 3mg benztropine for that restlessness and anxiety feeling. It helps a lot

The max Abilify dose I was on was 25mg. 25mg for a few years and 20mg for a few years. 15mg was too low.


yea i’m wondering the same…

injection sorry

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