2 showers a day

Since I started working I have been taking 2 showers a day.

I have to take a shower everyday when I get up. I just feel dirty and grungy and I like to feel clean.

But now when I get home from work, I am hot and sweaty and can’t lay in my bed comfortably, I just feel gross, but when I shower again I feel clean and comfortable.

So on days I work I am now taking 2 showers a day. I feel better now. I have to feel clean or else I feel miserable.

I don’t take long showers, about 5 minutes, just long enough to clean myself then I’m out.


huh, most have contaminated shower heads. plus towels that are musty.

idk, my natural oils are okay.

If you’re sweaty, it’s a good thing you’re showering even if it is twice a day. Some people sweat in their sleep and need a shower in the morning. So twice a day for you is a good thing to do

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it’s a real dilemma, summer. isn’t it, you cover up, but then get hot, and pull the covers off, and the fan on you cools you down, so you’re cold again. oh sh-it.


Sheri, again, at least you replied. ha, yeah.

Makes sense; two showers a day.

Good on you for showering twice a day, I used to shower twice a day when I didnt have negative symptoms, once after morning gym and once before sleep. Since having negative symptoms I stay most of the time in bed and shower once a week but I sweat a lot less :sweat_smile:

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You talked me into taking one. It’s just that the tub and sink are mostly clogged, but they drain slowly. I have to hurry so the water doesn’t get too high.

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More power to you!

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I think I’ll clean my hands, I touched the door handle.

unvaxxed here, still taking precautions.

sometimes i shower twice a day, a quick 5 minute shower after my morning jog, and another quick 5 minute shower after my evening lifting session. i try to keep the showers quick so i don’t dry my skin out.

even on days i don’t workout i get a shower, i shower every day.

the worst part about showering is putting my clothes back on after haha. i don’t know, it just seems so strenous to put my clothes back on haha.


I don’t know if you’re male or female, but putting a bra on after a shower is tough. Sometimes I just free ball, ha.

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Ain’t that the truth, lol

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I’m male so I don’t know anything about wearing bra’s, other than I like to take them off, ha!

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