2 random questions

  1. What is your favorite chocolate?

  2. What bands/singers on your playlist are your favorite?

  1. I like dark chocolate, but not too dark, like around 72-74% cocoa.
  2. My favorite band is Mushroomhead, so much so that I have their logo tattooed on my leg. :metal:

How are you tonight, @FatMama?

I’m doing pretty good. I haven’t heard of mushroomhead!
How is your day going?

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Well, that’s good.

Mushroomhead is a lesser-known metal band. They’re a great live band; I’ve been to around a dozen of their concerts.

My day has been okay, slept for most of it, having worked the midnight shift last night. I’ll probably be up most of the night.

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My son works the midnight shift. That really messes up his sleep pattern for the weekend.
I hope you get good sleep and some time to do what you want

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  1. Anything Milk chocolate. Cadbury chocolate is great!

  2. This year I’m excited about Bodega. Interesting art pop rock!


I haven’t heard of that band either!

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My friend got me some Godiva chocolates for Christmas. It was delicious! I like Godiva and Hershey’s milk chocolate.

On my playlist are some chill artists for the night. Rich Mullins, Bebo Norman and others like them.

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Personally i like Lindt chocolate - doesn’t matter if it’s white, milk or dark.

I guess i like Crowded House, REM, Powderfinger.

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  • What is your favorite chocolate?

Lindor but I only ever have it as a gift as they’re very expensive!

  • What bands/singers on your playlist are your favorite?

Linkin Park are my favourite at the moment

  1. Mildly dark chocolate
  2. I’m all about The Crystal Method at the moment
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  1. Not really a big chocolate fan but i do like white chocolate sometimes.
  2. I listen to a lot of Aphex Twin.
  1. I like white chocolate
  2. i listen to alot of red hot chili peppers, and foo fighters (the older stuff) U2, the doors.

what about you?(:


I like milk chocolate. Aldi’s has great bars from Germany.

5 Finger Death Punch is one of my faves.

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I like Marabou with Japp pieces.

And bands, it’s a tie between Coldplay and Sasha

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All chocolate

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Llamas love chocolate! Different kinds for different moods!

VnV Nation always spoke to me

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Some dark chocolate with orange and ginger
■■■■■ Magnet
Bark Psychosis

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  1. Dark! Always dark chocolate in all sorts of variations. My favorite chocolatier has weird combinations, e.g. dark chocolate with basil or curry or passion fruit. I like that.

  2. Dont know. It varies. At the moment i listen a lot to Christina branco, hayde bluegrass orchestra, rhiannon giddens and rend collective.

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Yes it turns out Cadbury, the company that sells eggs at Easter, also sells chocolate bars year round at my local CVS drug store. It’s really good, tastes like the shell of a cadbury egg. So I guess that’s a long answer for Milk Chocolate.

My favorite bands I guess are Grouplove, The Offspring, Fall Out Boy, and a bunch others. I really used to like REM when I was younger.

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