2 months of leave

I had a meeting with my IPS coach (employment coach) today. I was restless. Tired. Slightly symptomatic and had send her a bunch of mails with ideas the last couple of days.

We decided it was best for me to take a break and go on holiday. So, we only scheduled our next appointment end September after my 2 week holiday in Italy.

So, I have a 2 month break.

Do you still have plans for the summer? Do you need a break?


I don’t work, so no break needed. I hope your 2 months of leave help you to get back to feeling good, and your symptoms go away

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And biting ankles.

I do from the work.

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Practicing guitar seem to be my main plans atm.

No, not really. I’m doing ok. I have cut back on the forum a bit from my previous obsession, so I’m taking all the break I need I guess.

Edit: Forgot to say enjoy your break! Please do!

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I go to Tenerife with my family early September for 1 week

It was booked and paid for months ago, so I only have cigarettes to pay for!

They’re really cheap over there

As soon as I land I will get 200 Marlboro Reds and some Villagers cigars

It’s my treat to myself, as I can’t afford to smoke proper cigarettes in the UK, as the tax is so high


We’re taking a vacation for one week starting Saturday. So, that will be my break. I hope you enjoy your break.