2 job Opportunities

Both jobs are both really good but i need to contact the person to ask more about the role and hand my cv to him, i think i have quite a lot in my favour like i have most of the skills required to do them.


Thats great! Good luck with it!


Thanks i tried applying for one of them today, i still need to finish it but i am fatigued

Paying work, sir?

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Sounds like a positive thing to me. Fingers crossed for you.

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You’re ahead of me. I only recently got back into F2F volunteering. I’m considered “medically fragile” and have to be careful about COVID exposure.

I didn’t the last time, but the covid numbers are really low right now so I felt the risk was acceptable. I’m doing a bit of online volunteering in terms of helping with social media and such.

How is the broadcasting going?

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