2 For 1 goodness!

So got a special voucher from the sports club. Two for one on meals from the cafe of equal or lesser value…As well as it being payday so dad and I went down for lunch. I had a burger and dad had a chicken caesar salad. The burger was really good but an $8 burger is way better than a $16 burger…Winning Charlie…


Oh that looks so good.

I’m doing the Homer Simpson drool haha!


That looks delicious! :yum:


Those fries look wonderlicious. Oh sorry. I meant chips. Those chips look wonderlicious.


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Oh man is my stomach growling now, wish we had something good like that for dinner!


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It was a really good burger. Tasted really good and was like so big I couldn’t bite it properly. The thing was a beast and the chicken caesar looked so good too…lots of chicken which would have been good for me too. Winner winner chicken dinner…:slight_smile:


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