2 faced comes 2 mind.........!

yup 2 faced maybe not ur fault though

We put on a different face for every room we walk in…

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i do have 3 faces in fairness

If I walk into a bar, a movie theatre and a house I will probably act different in all three. Multiface for life.

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i agree old chap and i agree with it

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2 faces are better than one?


Do people still say “sh*tfaced” when they’re talking about getting drunk? I haven’t heard that in 15 years.


We used to call it getting sh*terred or plastered or wasted.

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i’ve heard that when i was young, but it has been about 15 years now. when i worked at the golf course, my employees when we golfed would say they were getting “tuned up” while drinking.


In high school we called it “blitzed” or getting wasted.

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