1st schizophrenic episode in almost 6 months

It got really bad today, lost complete control. Nothing was working to keep me calm. And the worst part is no one was willing to help.

Ask your psy about changing meds or increasing current med dosage.

I think a lot of us have been, or are about to, have a lot of issues. All the stress and trauma of the current health crisis plus everything that goes along with it and its disruption in our lives is a really big deal for us.

I know I’ve already started having a lot of issues and had to increase my meds and it’s still not totally helping.

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I’ve learned that meds are only a small percentage. Which is very true having a daily routine has helped tremendously but not having that routine now is making it very hard.

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Yeah, like, honestly not much has changed for me with all this. I never left before and I’m not leaving now. But we’re also about to move across the country and doing that during all this is seriously doing me in.

Yeah that’s very understandable, I was really depended on leaving the house and socializing especially at the gym. But now being in physical pain and being isolated has only cause more mental pain

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I totally get that. My downslide started in January when I dislocated my kneecap and couldn’t sleep for a week because of the pain. Then it was just one thing after another after that and now we’re here and it’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■.

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I honestly can’t remember when my pain started! It just has gotten worse slowly till now

Have you gotten it checked out?

Yes and since corona virus is taking over right now they can’t do my hip replacements or knee due to the hospital overload so they prescribed narcotics for the pain but I refuse to take them.

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Narcotics exist for a purpose. They work. I’ve had them prescribed several times in the past and they have not given me any problems. The anti-opiate movement is mostly there because of people who boil oxycontin in spoons and shoot it in their arms.

Yeah your right, I’m just scared I won’t be able to get off of them.

You can get off of them. If you’re worked about it, just only use them to help take the edge off the pain so you can at least get better sleep. That’s what was doing me in was the pain was keeping me from sleeping. My doctor gave me tramadol (it works better for me than oxy every has) and I was able to sleep some and I did get a little better.

Are you sleeping okay?

I’m getting a decent amount of sleep but because of the pain I’m not following asleep till very late. But because my back and hips can’t take it anymore I wake up early.

If you’re going to sleep late and waking up early, I would bet you’re not getting as much sleep as you need. Take the meds for a few nights and see how you feel. See if it makes a difference.

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Yeah your right, I’m going to take it right now. Thanks @LED and @agent101g

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I am really sorry. Is there someone at the mental health team you can speak to? Anxieties are high during this time… its a really big struggle I hope you are able to find coping mechanisms.

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I’m all screwed up too because my routine got thrown off 2 weeks ago.

Try exercise, it’s rhe only thing that works for me.

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