19 People With Invisible Illnesses Describe What It Feels Like to Be ‘Invisible’

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For me it’s like every move I make needs to be questioned wether it’s the right one or a crazy one, depending on peoples reactions around me and what I feel about it. It’s constant battles of rationality and irrationality in my head, and that noone can really appreciate my winnings.


Thanks for this. I was thinking a few minutes ago about how I feel useless for not being able to work and how I really want to have a job to go to. I questioned myself and whether I was a liar or not. I feel like a complete waste of space some days. It’s tough.

Your worth is not quantified by your productivity!

Thanks. I know you’re right but it’s difficult to accept your illness when everyone thinks you’re normal. Also, I was raised to believe that what you achieve is how much you’re worth.

I know it is. What is normal anyway? Highly overrated. Everyone tries to achieve it without it actually existing. Happy people have problems, sad people have happy moments. In the end what matters is how you treat yourself and those around you. And you’re a great person Tree.

Yeah, upbringings are hard to let go of. I’m sure you understand that you have a mental illness and that maybe in time you’ll be able to get a job and feel like you’re contributing.

Why not get a volunteer gig in the meanwhile?

I really hope you are right, and I think I’m getting closer to that goal. That’s a good suggestion. I tried to get a volunteer job a year ago but I kind of forgot about it. I will talk about it with my social worker when I see her next wednesday, maybe she can help me with it. I think I could handle a volunteer job now. Worth a shot at least.

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Good luck with that, sounds like a good plan.

I was here thinking that I’m also terrified of not contributing anything to society, that keeps me going right now, good projects and things like volunteering for example.

I’m looking into a volunteer job, taking care of kids on a facility that helps young moms have housing and work. Looking over the kids while the moms are working.

I’ll finish my drivers license first.

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7 resonates with me well

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Good luck with both, Minnii! I think you can do it.

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Thank you! Good luck to you too, I’m sure you’ll find a solution!

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I started to write my own version, but it hit me too emotionaly to put into words.

I used to desperately want to play my part in society - get a job, go back to college, live on my own, in with other people- but I went the opposite way. Don’t know why. Chalked up a lot of years under great effort to get where I am - satisfied at last -

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“It’s almost like living a double life; there’s the one that everyone sees and then the life you’re actually experiencing. It can get confusing when the two collide (which happens quite often) — I feel misunderstood, alone and like I can’t live up to what the world expects of me.” — Miranda Tymoschuk

Me, too!
The double life actually makes me feel emotionally distant from everyone. I feel like an imposter–except the imposter syndrome is very real because I do pretend to be someone I’m not. Lonely road