18 months since

I was in the emergency room as I’d eaten a packet of Zopiclone and drunk a bottle of red wine

My life at this time was a mess… My job was stressing me out big time, and after this attempt I was shown very poor compassion - so I quit

Many times I feel I should do the same over and over until I succeed but not the case right now

I need to just try and settle down and control myself, and rediscover my sense of being to be able to press ahead despite being stapled to the ground by mental health problems

This is a fight worth fighting, and I will promise moving forward to be stronger and not give in to the evil lurking in my head that wishes ill on me, all the time



I can be critical sometimes but I see a good person with you and I’ve some pretty good instincts. Keep fighting. We all deserve to have some quality of life and you totally deserve that. Don’t sell yourself short and keep fighting …

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I don’t really intentionally do or say anything. What you see is what you get. Sometimes I have issues with my filter though…

IRL, people have left me be. Sometimes I wish it was different, but right now I think I could do without additional things to stress about…

Perhaps one day I’ll meet someone who will be empathetic and want to be my friend, but time will tell

I have been severely mistreated in the past, and that’s a difficult thing to overcome


Socialising is a lot about listening. Most people like to talk about themselves. You ask the right questions on certain cues and you do well. It’s not easy for everyone but it’s worthwhile. I’m still a fan of finding something you like doing and meeting like minded people. It’s a start at least.

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I kinda do that at work, as we all have a common cause we’re working towards

Socially I cannot engage properly at all.

We had a brunch at work with 4 of us, and I was stuck the whole time with nothing to say. I hope they just think I am shy and not a weirdo.

Some of the things I said were a bit inappropriate, but I think I recovered it as best as I could


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