16 years on Anti Psychotics just under 6000 tranquilzers i took

time for my 5840 tranquilizer,

16 years 365 a year x 16

16x 365 = 5840

how many have you taken?

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Never kept track

approxly I meant in total

12 years but on and off a few times

12 x 365 = 4380

just a rough idea to the amount of AP’S

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That’s good that you’re med compliant. My problem is that in 15 years I’ve taken maybe 629 tranquilizers. That would explain my 8 hospitalizations.


Ive had about 5 or 6 psychotic episodes in 16 years

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Mine started to get more frequent as I got older. The first 7 years I didn’t need antipsychotics I just started having these things regularly about 6 years ago.
The problem is the amount of time they take to recover from. I would rather be unhappy on meds than completely crazy and afraid for my life.
But damn wouldn’t it be nice if they made meds that didn’t screw with your sex drive or make you gain weight!