16 and looking for a diagnosis?

I’m 16 and I have had all the symptoms for over a year and a half now. I hear voices almost all the time. The longest I have gone without hearing them is an hour. It is completely maddening. Sometimes the voices are rude and demeaning, and other times they can just be neutral. For the most part they are trying to drag me down. I see things that aren’t there such as people, animals, or random objects. I often have a really hard time deciphering whether I am in a dream or if I’m awake. I hear the voices when Im asleep too. I have been seeing a therapist for a few weeks now and she said she wants to continue talking to me until she gives me an official diagnosis. I just wanted to see what all of you think about this. I just want someone to tell me what I have so I know Im not the only one suffering from this. So according to my symptoms, what does it sound like to you?


Hey and welcome. I would wait for what the doctor says, there can be a number of diagnoses for what you have and we’re not doctors here.

It’s not easy to hear and see things, at any age but specially when we’re young and should be enjoying life not dealing with this. In time you’ll figure out better coping mechanisms and find a right med, hopefully. I used to see things too but haven’t in a while now, so it’s possible.

Stick around, this is a great supportive community. You can learn a lot.

Best of luck.


Depends on many things. Do you have Negative symtpoms, such as avolition, autism, ambivalence and flat affect etc. You really should listen to your psychiatrist only, since she is the proffesional. People on a messageboard cant give you anything but opinions. If you want mine, I would say schizophrenia, but thats only for reading a few lines about you on the web, and lots of things not taken into concideration…

I am sorry that this is happening to you. 16 is the great age to enjoy the life and educate oneself. I was in my late 20s when I started hearing voices, I have never had any visual hallucinations. I have often thought that 16 is the perfect age for learning something new, just be open about your symptoms when you have therapy sessions, I am sure professionals can help you.

Quick - today - either you or a friend or family member call and then get yourself over to an early psychosis treatment center. The sooner you get treatment - the better the outcome. Its very important to get treatment as quickly as you can:


Yes yes yes. What he said. Put treatment off too long and you may never experience meaningful recovery. Get to the doctor, pronto.



I have had many negative symptoms. I feel like I have lost interest in social situations and many people have said that I have lost a lot of my personality.

[quote=“California, post:1, topic:34379”]
what does it sound like to you?
[/quote]Sounds like all the symptoms of schizophrenia. Mine were strong for a solid 2.5 years, but have gradually started to be less difficult to deal with. Yes, I have antagonists and they sometimes force me into states of suffering, but usually I can bounce right back from them.

I have also decided to stay medication-free, as in I don’t want medications anymore. I tried suffering through so many different medications and none worked. GL finding a medication that suites you, if you even want them.

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I’ve been dealing with SZ for over two decades. I’ve discovered that after the first couple of months I acclimatize to the meds I’m on and get past a good chunk of the side-effects. I’m usually able to cope with the rest through a combination of exercise and positive attitude.

The recovery I’ve enjoyed to date – and by that I mean successful marriage, a wonderful daughter, ability to work, gain an education, and participate in my community – are a direct result of med compliance. Yeah, I’ve seen people survive without them, but I’ve yet to meet a single unmedicated SZ who has a life I want. Not one. My advice to new folk is: Get on meds, stay on meds, and have a life worth living.


I’ve been more than two years with sympthoms and I still won’t get a diagnosis. I stil don’t know why I haven’t been told that I have an obvious schizophrenia.

So it is possible to OFFICIALLY have schizo but just not be diagnosed? Because I have obvious symptoms for a year and a half and no one will diagnose me either… It’s maddening.

I think a lot of doctors are really hesitant to diagnose schizophrenia. Even after I got the diagnosis doctors try to find a way to make me fit in some other box. I even had one psychiatrist tell me it was just psychotic PTSD. I had another tell me it was BPD even though I didn’t currently fit any of the diagnostic criteria.

As long as you can get meds that help, the label isn’t as important.

Yet, I am still schizophrenic even if they don’t diagnose me. Trust me I’ve tried to pretend what was happening to me was normal, but I have come to my senses. Whether I like it or not I have schizophrenia. I guess now I just need to find meds that deal with it. :sweat:

take care :alien:

I’m a teenager myself and I understand what you’re going through. I’ve suffered from psychosis ever since I was around six years old, maybe even younger. If you’d like to talk about anything, I’m always here.


Welcome. We can’t give you a diagnose here. We are no doctors. Tell your therapist you need to do an EEG. Temporallobe epilepsy mimic sz. You can have visions, hear voices but have no cramps. EP is eaily fixed with right medication. Actually same medicine as many bipolar people get.

In Sweden you have to rule out all physical causes before you get a psychiatric diagnose. I’m Swedish.


I think someone on this site said that if you’re psychotic for six months or longer the doctors consider you schizophrenic. By “psychotic” they mean hallucinating and/or delusional - out of contact with reality. If you feel like you need help I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for it.

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Would you call yourself a schizophrenic? I would say I am, but it’s so frustrating that no one wants to officially diagnosis a 16 yr old with schizophrenia even though we all know thats what it is.

No - you’re still very young and diagnoses change all the time. Don’t worry about the diagnosis at all - just focus on the symptoms and make sure you’re getting them treated as well as you’d like. It will take time - but be persistent.

I wouldn’t worry about the diagnosis at all.


but it’s maddening when someone asks me, do you have schizophrenia? And im like… yes? Do i still have sz even if no one diagnosis it?