14 pounds away from 199. my goal....185. last pounds are hard

Even Angie today in the store put her arm around me and grabbed me by my love handle…cracked me up…she said, boy are you getting skinny !! made me feel good…I am starting to see my face again where my cheeks aren’t puffy. On top of that feel good stuff…I just gave away my $6 R2D2 play set to my favorite friend from my quickie mart…she loves star wars…and I already gave the other cashier a portrait of R2D2 too so now they might feel even in presents. that was my aim anyways…buying another R2D2 next month so I can have it to myself…haha…yayyyy…I love my life.!!


What’s your secret to weight loss? :slight_smile:

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@anon40653964 it began when Angie lost her job a long time ago and we are still just living on my pay check. the thing is we haven’t been able to afford decent food for a long time and so I wasn’t tempted to eat much. I only today had eggs and toast for breakfast, and then two chicken chimichangas… on pay day now we are getting more money on food stamps thank goodness and so we have been eating better…so far it hasn’t affected my weight in a negative way…I just eat less now…small stomach…that and I only drink diet coke for drinks…plus about 4 glasses of water a day.

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I guess I should eat smaller portions. I was thin once and I remember I didn’t eat much. It was also due to the fact that I was broke. I remember eating mayo and mustard sandwiches because that’s all I had to eat. I will try to eat smaller portions. Thanks for the advice jukebox! I hope you ate financially stable now and continue to achieve your goal of 185. It’s been years since I was under 200 pounds hah.

About 3 years ago I was at 220 but I was hospitalized and received quite a number of olanzapine shots. It gave me the munchies and well I ballooned in weight once I started taking medications again.

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I’m sorry to hear about your weight gain…I found getting on the right med helped me lose weight…I am on generic prollxin. fluphenazine. 10 mg twice a day.

no side effects. stable as ever.

anybody see this thread since this morning? just wondered…

Hey @jukebox you inspire me. You have a kind personality but you don’t take people for granted. That is a very good quality


aww man…you make me so happy for saying that !! @anon94176359

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Credit where credit is due

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Losing weight is hard. Glad you are able to have success with it @jukebox!

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I’m glad your losing weight @jukebox!
I really need to lose a lot of weight.

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