13 days into low carb keto diet

I feel good I started this diet on my second day of taking geodon i dont have any cravings for carbs or anything i basically have to force myself to eat I’m eating every 12 hours usually a 500 calorie breakfast and a 750 calorie dinner my mind feels clearer I’ve been off zyprexa for 32 days and I am on the lowest dose of geodon rn and voices are still quiet like they were on zyprexa. I have lost 12 pounds since starting this diet and I have quite a bit left to lose but I plan on sticking to this forever probably just going to increase my calories once I get to my goal weight. i mainly have been eating only meat so I am eating a lot less carbs than most other people on keto the only carbs i eat is an avocado a day and the 2 carbs in the magnesium supplement I take so in total about 4 net carbs a day

I think more people with mental health issues should give this a try.

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I have been doing physical training and eating well from years now. I love keto diet too. Once I used to get ripped, and I did got ripped. They are extremely helpful and once you have get used to them you can eat well and feel well. Now, if you would be in high dose of meds, it wouldn’t be the case, but that’s different.

I agree, more people could benefit from keto diets. Paleo diets would be a good alternative too.

Does your doctor know you’re on this diet? It’s usually best to inform your doctor before starting a diet. Better safe than sorry. Some diets may not be healthy for someone on meds. And other diets may not be safe for certain peoples metabolism.

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In the past week, you have been complaining of stomachaches and feeling dizzy. May I suggest that you slightly increase your caloric input slightly? Losing 12 pounds in two weeks is not healthy or sustainable.


most of the weight i’ve lost i think is water weight the stomach pain has went away and i started eating a bit more i think that the stomach thing was mainly from quitting one med and switching to another

What’s in and what’s out in the ketogenic diet? Where do you find your recipes?

i find recipes on www.reddit.com/r/ketorecipes i haven’t tried any yet tho i pretty much just eat any type of meat with hot sauce and avocado